Sun* Cebu Branch / Awesome Ars Academia Cebu

We're one of a subsidiary of Framgia Group, we are Cebu branch of Sun*(Sun Asterisk) Group. Additionally, we are also managing the global tech school named Awesome Ars Academia here, which emerging Programming Bootcamp/Tech School in Asia.

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We're one of a subsidiary of Sun*(Sun Asterisk) Group, we are Cebu branch of Sun* Group. We are the Development Team using PHP/Laravel, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, React, React Native so on. With this development team, we provide dedicated teams for modern web and smartphone app development of the startup products in Asian Regions such as Singapore, HongKong, Australia and so on.

We also have Awesome Ars Academia Cebu, the Tech School Service by us, which will be the Global Tech Talent Platform in Asia.

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