List of Top 10 Telemedicine Video Conferencing Software for Better Patient Outcome

Telehealth in the time of COVID-19 is a bonus for healthcare professionals and doctors to treat patients across the geographical area. The coronavirus outbreak is not a public health crisis but it’s a global event harming every life in the world. So, the availability of healthcare technology if utilized extremely can help in taking down the deadly spreading of virus. The remote monitoring has its own role in delivering care to self-quarantine patients and seek diagnosis through real-time tools like video conferencing.

The Major Role of Video Conferencing Across the Sectors in Healthcare

1. Telemedicine & Patient Care

The hospitals and physician clinics can connect with patients visually to undergo routine checkups, home health and surgical consultations. With telemedicine video conferencing platforms, the rural hospitals lack immediate diagnosis opportunities, so an expert can connect with a medical professional in minutes to provide treatment in time and live-saving diagnosis.

2. Healthcare Administration

Physicians and healthcare professionals travelling from one clinic to another for a meeting or discussion within the healthcare team consumes quite a lot of time and travel cost, to handle these, telehealth video conferencing software would be the best option. It improves the collaboration across the healthcare delivery network and also helps for better decision-making, project management and cost-effective.

3. Medical Education

Innovation in the healthcare system is the next big technological growth. Educating the medical generation through collaboration solutions helps healthcare institutes offer rich content, interactive and with experimental practices.

Other than all these benefits that telehealth video conferencing helps the healthcare sectors, the video conferencing software comes with major highlights and features to increase the effectiveness of the healthcare process.

Major Highlights of a Telehealth Video Conference Software

  • Connecting global participants such as Group Video Conferencing
  • Offering Medical Presentation To Participants over Screen Sharing
  • Accessible to multiple users irrespective of Web & Mobile Devices
  • Exchange of medical reports, X-rays can be done using Document Sharing
  • Record the meetings, discussions for later usage over Video Recording
  • Educate medical professionals, physicians over Whiteboard
  • Telecast meeting, live conferences to medical professionals over Live Broadcasting
  • To ensure privacy of medical information sharing HIPAA Compatibility makes it possible.
  • End to End Encryption is a major security protocol used in telehealth video conferencing platforms. For a better understanding of how the telehealth video conferencing works, let’s have a clear picture of it.

How a Telehealth Video Conferencing Platforms Works?

Video conferencing technologies perform the same during all the platforms whenever the number of participants increases. In most SaaS-based video conferencing platforms, WebRTC isn’t used in most of the SaaS-based conferencing applications. An SaaP-based video conferencing platform like Enterprise video conferencing platforms uses WebRTC technology.

Enterprise telehealth video conferencing platforms uses advanced technology in transmitting the conferencing content over real-time connections such as,

  • Peer-to-Peer Connection (Mesh)
  • Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)
  • Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

To offer secure video conferencing for patients from doctors and physicians, a HIPAA compliant telehealth video conferencing platform is a must. Let’s walk through some of the world’s leading Telehealth Video conferencing Platform providers in the market.

World’s Top 10 Leading HIPAA Compatible Telehealth Video Conferencing Platform Providers In the Market

1. MirrorFly - An Enterprise Telehealth Video Conferencing Platform

MirrorFly is an enterprise SaaP-based video conferencing platform where the platform can be customized based on the business conferencing needs. The solution offers comprehensive video conferencing for the Telehealth industry. MirrorFly video conferencing platform is configured with robust security and privacy standards such as HIPAA, COPPA and GDPR Compatibility to ensure the privacy of your healthcare conferencing.

On top of it, MirrorFly’s HIPAA compliant video conferencing is equipped with end-to-end encryption standard to protect the conferencing taking place between doctors and patients. With telehealth conferencing, healthcare systems can connect doctors, patients, medical professionals, and physicians from any part of the world.

Highlights of MirrorFly’s Telehealth Video conferencing

  • Self-hosted or Cloud hosting
  • Audio/Video conferencing to Connect patients
  • Meetings, Webinars for healthcare professionals, Administrators
  • HIPAA Compatible
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Unlimited Minutes/One-time Payment

2. SISPL Solution - Leader in Offering Polycom Video conferencing

AV solution offers an interactive medium of communication to host meetings between groups of users and professionals across the regions. The solution requires a video conferencing equipment that can be either software-defined or hardware-defined to host conferencing.

The solution can be used for telehealth communication environments to connect to the global network and in result connects healthcare professionals. Their system offers true-to-life quality user experience for team collaboration and enables physicians to connect with patients to treat emergency situations.

Highlights of SISPL’s Video conferencing

  • Hardware/software requirement
  • Meeting, Discussion Through Hardware System
  • Subscription-based pricing

3. Intrado - Video Conferencing Solution for Businesses

Intrado is a video conferencing solution that helps businesses to bring remote teams together over meetings and conferencing. Their conferencing platform helps to host customer relationship meetings, rally sales team, showcase product and recruitment process.

Apart from these use cases, Intrado video conferencing helps telehealth services to connect patients and doctors. The solution can be used in healthcare video conferencing such as offering hospital-wide announcements, virtual training sessions and webinars for healthcare professionals.

Highlights of Intrado’s Video conferencing Software

  • Virtual training session for doctors & nurses
  • Company-wide announcements
  • Multi-carrier switching to connect

4. 3CX - Web and App Video conferencing for Healthcare

3CX is an integrated video conferencing solution to use and it requires no download of apps. The conferencing platform is an app-free site where the external participants can join meetings over the invite link. The 3CX enables the participants to seamlessly join meetings without downloading any software or application.

Apart from business video conferencing, 3CX’s use cases for healthcare video conferencing to connect remote patients and doctors for treatment. They also offer pricing based on the number of participants and also helps to set up meeting rooms.

Highlights of 3CX’s Video conferencing Platform

  • No app required and completely one-click conference
  • Priced based on number of participants
  • Easily set up remote meetings

4. Ricoh - Video Conferencing Solution

Ricoh is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that helps businesses to host audio and video conferencing meetings for a collaborative environment. The conferencing platform offers rich and intuitive conferencing service to power collaboration over any device and platforms. The cloud-based conferencing holds upto 100 -participants per call. The conferencing solution helps the healthcare industry to connect doctors across the globe over an application or software.

Highlights of Ricoh’s Video conferencing Platform

  • Web-based Video conferencing
  • Works on any mobile device
  • Ranges upto 100+ participants

5. GoToMeeting - HD Video conferencing Platform

The GoToMeeting enables users to host personalized online meetings for a visual video connection between two or more users in a separated location. The platform helps to make face-to-face interaction like a conference room offers. The platform is operational on desktop, mobile and room systems.

The video conferencing platform helps businesses and other industries to collaborate effectively. On other hand, GoToMeeting helps the healthcare system to host video conferencing for doctors and medical professionals to treat patients and host meetings.

Highlights of GoToMeeting’s Video conferencing Platform

  • Live Screen sharing
  • Free Call recording
  • Cloud-based access
  • Single-tap meetings

6. Video Conferencing Australia - All Type of Conferencing Needs

Video conferencing Australia is a personalized hardware and software provider to set up video conferencing systems in offices and other industrial areas. The video conferencing solution is an eCommerce service which offers all sets of equipment to host video conferencing irrespective of industries.

The Video conferencing Australia service can be used for healthcare video conferencing to connect doctors and patients and host meetings between doctors and healthcare professionals.

Highlights of Australian Video conferencing Platform

  • Personal Collaboration Kits for Conferencing
  • Medium Room Solution
  • Microsoft, Zoom, Google Meets Solution
  • Hardware, Equipment's and Software systems

7. Vidyo - Video conferencing Platform for Telehealth

Vidyo is a real-time video collaboration platform for telehealth, video banking and workforce collaboration. Vidyo innovation offers a video conferencing platform for the telehealth industry for specialty consults, Behavioural health and emergency collaboration

The platform offers virtual connectivity for doctors and medical professionals to connect over a device irrespective of platform. Vidyo offers video conferencing SDK for the healthcare system to increase the operation and collaboration of Home-care, Ambulatory care, Emergency care and Post acute care in hospitals.

Highlights of Vidyo’s Video conferencing Platform for Telehealth

  • Meeting, Webinars between doctors
  • Video Conferencing to handle Emergent care, Acute care and Home care.

8. The Missing Link - Video Conferencing Solution

The video conferencing solution offers a real-time conferencing medium to host meetings, webinars from physical events to digital events. The Missing Link’s video conferencing use cases depend on the business requirement.

They offer enriched features for the telehealth industry to host video conferencing across hospitals, clinics to connect patients, doctors and physicians.

Highlights of The Missing Link’s Video conferencing Platform

  • Meeting data analytics
  • Video & Telephony Integrations
  • Software Integrations
  • Broadcast rooms, cameras, hardware and software

9. Starleaf - Video Conferencing Platform

Starleaf is a communication platform that offers video conferencing solutions to connect global audiences, businesses and clients. Their intuitive and flexible technology facilitates to host meetings, collaboration tools whatever device.

Their video conferencing platform also helps telehealth platforms to host conferencing based on the needs of hospitals, healthcare professionals, and support video equipment to make conference calls both voice and video.

Highlights of Starleaf’s Video conferencing Platform

  • Screen sharing
  • Camera, Remote access and other equipments
  • Cloud hosting

10. Pexip - Video Meeting & Video calling Solution

Pexip offers real and virtual meeting experiences for people, businesses and technology enthusiasts. The solution enables business to connect with a team, a single person or a company through video conferencing to increase company communication and productivity.

On the other hand, Pexip also offers collaboration tools for the healthcare industry to connect with doctors, patients and physicians. The solution also offers high-quality conferencing room systems for healthcare professionals to connect across global hospitals and staff.

Highlights of Pexip’s Video conferencing Platform

  • Desktop/Mobile Support
  • Traditional audio conferencing
  • Skype for business
  • Wrapping Up

The video conferencing technology has given quite a lot of opportunities for medical experts to easily share their expertise and knowledge outside their medical organization. Both the patient and doctors have much benefit from the telehealth video conferencing solution for a better healthcare access and patient care outcome. Enterprise video conferencing for healthcare systems can transform the overall healthcare system to a more cost effective and better care treatment to patients.

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