6 Best UI Design Principles to Develop Mobile Applications

For quite some time now, mobile applications have been a mainstream. It is one of the most trusted ways to deliver content and services in an impeccable way. But in an intensely competitive market, how does your mobile application can be useful, relevant, and valued so that it engages and retains its users?

Regardless of the service or product your mobile app serves, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two main elements that play a crucial role in the success of any mobile application. From a designer perspective, a great UI for the mobile application can only make sure when you follow some proven UI design principles. The elements relevant to UI design for a mobile application differ from the aspects of web application development and therefore, it requires a much different manner to approach.

Play stores and app stores which are filled with tens of thousands of current applications that are having unique and great commendable user experience have no room for applications of average design and not so great user experience. Mobile application design has a significant role in leveraging the maximum of the user experience of a mobile application.

For any designer or software development company, it is important to set a benchmark to have a new user interface or just keep looking at your app. The right thing is that it is instead easy if pay heed to some UI/UX principles for your mobile application design and utilize them in your designing efforts.

Once you begin with your application design, it becomes important and the requirement that you adopt the mobile mindset. You must know that you may have to ditch some of the things to fit into the mobile space. So let us start.

1. Your users come first before anything else

The ultimate goal of your mobile application that you are developing must be crystal clear by its name, tagline, and the aesthetics. Each and every element of the applications must be directed towards the goal. Regardless of the purpose you app serves, it should be following your targeted customers. This will let each and every aspect attract your engaged users.

Once you have accomplished this very first principle, now you can follow the next one. In case your targeted customers or users are not finding your application an interesting one, then they will never respond to your queries. For example, take games. Games actually entertain their users and have more challenging aspects that need to be followed and users will pursue them for in-app purchases. So knowing the mobile application design from your customer point of view and understanding their needs and requirements will make your application a truly successful one.

2. Application exploration and navigation

The application you are building should be imparting convenience to your customers or users. For example, users will use an easy user interface app that will stipulate them. Maintain each and every section of your application unfold constantly, that build an excellent smooth flow. Anything that is evolving out of the application can leave your users exasperated.

Every icon, button, and other key aspects should be visible to the application users. Do not hide them in them in the menu bars or anywhere else that can make your users difficult to find them. You can also choose the right navigation strategy for incorporating each navigation aspect on the screen available.

3. Get rid of unwanted data

Mobile devices are more often utilized when compared to tablets, laptops, or any other electronic device. This certainly shows that the devices should follow the careful information flow of the application since they cannot manage load, process and show the exact data. This can also be considered as the account of the UX which is the application that doesn’t have the resources to flow unwanted data. Moreover, the customers don’t have enough patience to filter the information that they do not need.

4. The bigger, the better

The text, buttons, and other key aspects you like to have in the application should be restricted to the user’s vision, finger size, etc. Usually, thumbs drive nearly 80% interaction in the smartphone and even our finger are more flexible and have better control of our mobile devices when we utilize them.

A small button or link becomes hard for your application users to click at first. Nevertheless, this is not exact when the flexibility of the users is compromised. Hence, these attributes should be taken into consideration for your mobile application design.

5. Attentive while integrating mobile application design capabilities

Smartphones on which you are concentrating the application to be installed more, you should take what and how capabilities should be incorporated into the user interface. You can take a look at the below-mentioned points.

— At the time of clicking and scrolling, there could be others that application users do not know certain gestures. In case those gestures are invisible to users then you should highlight them carefully so that you can get users’ attention.

— Mobile devices have too much dissimilarity of keyboards and sometimes, it can really irritate your users to choose one if your application needs something as inputs. So, be wise and let only some certain variations to display automatically.

— The portrait is usually default orientation for most of the applications. So it would be better if you consider the positive traits of the landscape orientation and choose what best suits your application.

6. Cater to different needs of the various platforms

In the scenario of Android app development and iOS app development, if you are planning to expand from one app to the other or at least when you are trying to build a platform-independent application, then ensure your application UI has needed flexibility. Moreover, the main focus must be that it is compatible enough to perform on various platforms. If you feel that it would be hard, and then try investing in various application versions for various platforms. This completely will be based on your users and their preferred platforms.

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