3 Best Chat App Solutions to Build Your Own WhatsApp like App

Here we have curated a list of best mobile app chat service providers based on market research, a worldwide brand and customer service.

The smaller screens and keyboardless devices have witnessed its transformation across any communication purposes. The real-time communication, in particular, have enhanced the productivity and collaboration in a more convenient way. Thus the market value of chat applications is outstretching due to its immense utilization across all the industrial applications. Perhaps, it's not surprising that a huge number of enterprise urge to capture the chat app market like how WhatsApp has positioned itself in the instant messaging industry.

You could find tons of chat app providers across the market but not everyone deserves to satisfy your business demands. There are two major aspects of chat providers: Saas platforms and Solutions. We have sorted out three big players (Contus Fly, Sinch and Mirrorfly) to assist aspiring enterprises to build a chat app like whatsapp that satisfies their business requirements. Let us dig deeper to understand why we have chosen these chat app providers and how they help to develop a chat app like WhatsApp.

Below Have Mentioned Top 3 Chat App Solutions to Develop a Chat App Like WhatsApp

1. What makes Contus Fly Outstanding?

Contus Fly is a real-time messaging solution where it assists enterprise and individuals to create chat like WhatsApp. The solution is completely a customizable one and also equipped with advanced features to make the video, voice and text conversations in a more convenient way.

Apart from its extensive features, Contus Fly is inbuilt with WebRTC signaling to make an app like whatsapp with audio/video chat features that runs effortlessly on android/iOS and Web. And also enables to connect users through one-on-one and group video chat in HD quality that enhances the productivity.

The deployment and integration of your chat application are made much easier, Contus fly offers a cloud-based and on-premises facilities where you will get an absolute access to your entire chat application.

Contus Fly also provides messaging, voice & Video Calling SDK and Chat API to integrate chat functionality across the platforms.

2. What makes Mirrorfly Exceptional Compared to Other Chat App Providers?

Note: Mirrorfly use same technology like Whatsapp

When it comes to building a real-time chat application and reaping money from it, Mirrorfly makes the best choice out all other chat app providers.

The ready-made chat app solution is wrapped with a diverse set of features and monetization options that adds extra value to your chat app.

To all those arising questions “how to build an app like whatsApp and how to monetize with the chat app?” Mirrorfly acts its role of triggering revenue through multiple monetization features.

Some of its peerless monetization options: Advertising, In-app purchase, In-app payment, subscriptions, sponsorship, In-chat pay, and White-labeling etc.

3. What makes Sinch a Great Chat Platform?

Although Sinch is a Saas-based chat platform, it offers completely copper-bottomed features that push the engagement graph of your chat application.

Sinch also provides real-time communication that supports single and group messaging to connect users in a completely private infrastructure.

In-app messaging features enable to integrate chat functionality across any device increasing the availability of responses in a quick time frame.

The Factors in Choosing Contus Fly, Sinch & Mirrorfly as your Ideal Partner to Create an Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp

As we know that, the success of a chat application lies in its performance and potentiality to create a real-time communication that adapts to whatever the industry demands by businesses. There are certain parameters we have considered on choosing these three chat app providers among the thousands chat app providers in the market.

1. Adaptable to a Wide Range of Use Case:

Whether you run an enterprise consists of thousands of employees or a collaborative research or managing a community application or even a live streaming platform, in-app chat functionality and a standalone chat application are the major solutions for engaging your users at anytime within the application.

These messaging solutions (Contus fly, Sinch and Mirrorfly) have extensive applications practices ranging from healthcare, in-game, enterprise chat to community chat application.

2. Reliable Functionalities:

The performance of your chat application is defined on whether it runs on mobile apps (Android, iOS) or web and the real-time functionalities you deploy into the chat application in order to create a chat application like WhatsApp that withstands your demands.

These solutions offer endless functionalities ranging from Text chat, Audio/Video Chat, robust security, cross-platform availability and much more on a real-time basis.

3. Notable Features:

Beyond the successful development of a chat app like WhatsApp, features take part in the action of maximizing the worth of your messaging app.

As these messaging solutions reside in the top positions of the chat app market, they possess advanced and enriched features that keep your chat application engaged and enhances the chat experience.

Considering a key thing where every different chat app works the best depending on the objective of the messaging application, so these chat app providers are key specialized in offering solutions based on the needs.

Conclusion - Choose your Ideal Chat App Solution

So, which chat app solution you are partnering with to build a chat app like whatsApp?

The answer, of course, depends as per your business needs.

As discussed above each of the chat app solution provider described here offers everything you need to create similar chat application like WhatsApp with effective features. We have covered every possible information about the three best chat app providers who have the potentiality to deliver the solution that meets your demand. So, it’s a good idea to give a try on these top messaging solution providers to get hands-on experience that converges your criteria and add value to your business growth.

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