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The demand over communication across sectors is increasing day-by-day. As communication has been the major tool for generating businesses by communicating with consumers. Some enterprise or business requires integration of chat to its existing application or creating a standalone chat application.

When businesses require to integrate chat, video, and voice calling features into their existing application, most of the enterprises rely on solution providers like Twilio and Mirrorfly.

The essence of different chat functionalities within the businesses is highly encouraging. There are a number of companies providing APIs for chat, video, and voice making it troublesome to choose the one. With so much of researches on different factors & performances, Twilio and Mirrorfly are the two distinct solution providers in the market.

Mirrorfly stands in the frontier as Twilio alternative on comparison with other providers.

End-to-end Comparison Between Twilio and Mirrorfly

Twilio stands in the row, making it possible for enterprises and businesses to integrate voice and video calling services. Twilio being as a product-based video and voice call API provider in the market, it offers voice and video basics based on subscription-based pricing to its end customers.

Mirrorfly stands ahead of Twilio in providing voice and video calling feature as well as Text chat features through its API. Mirrorfly positions itself ahead of Twilio by offering unlimited data usage, and scalability in integrating text, voice and video call feature into the applications. Mirrorfly, considered as twilio competitor makes sure that their service is on a high level and enhances the business quality of its customers through customizations.

To understand more about the two distinct solutions, let us dig deeper into its various technologies that have been the reasons behind the success of Twilio and Twilio alternative - Mirrorfly. The technologies are based on as per the information obtained via deep research on both players in the market.

A Complete Technology-wise Comparison between Twilio and Mirrorfly

Technologies Twilio Mirrorfly
Messaging Protocol Twilio uses VoIP for voice and TCP, HTTPS for data transmission. Mirrorfly uses WebRTC and VoIP protocols to transmit video and audio calls. XMPP protocols to handle message delivery.
Database MySQL, NoSQL, and AWS DynamoDB are the databases used in Twilio for different functionalities. Mirrorfly uses Mnesia, MySQL and Cassandra databases for enhancing the performance of the application.
Hosting Twilio offers Twilio studio where hosting of applications can be carried on-cloud. Mirrorfly offers flexible hostings possibilities such as on-premises and on-cloud hosting
Security Twilio have various sets of certifications on security practices such as Privacy shield, Cloud Security Alliance, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 for Authentication. Mirrorfly ensures standard security features such as End-to-end encryption, AES Encryption. SSL and Authentication.

Comparison between Twilio and Twilio Alternative - Mirrorfly

Twilio Mirrorfly
Saas Solution(100% Customization)
Server-side cloud infrastructure Own server & Cloud
Video & Voice call Video call, voice call & Text
Pay as you go WebRTC setup (One-time payment)
Monthly Subscription One time payment

Product-wise Comparison of Twilio and Mirrorfly


The major essence for every application that adapts to different business demands. Twilio offers APIs for video and voice calling feature where the codes are not customizable enough to embed features and functionalities on the go. Mirrorfly supports customization of the entire REST API to adapt your business needs. Ranging from the addition of features and functionalities, Mirrorfly makes it possible enterprises to make voice, video and send text messages across the platforms.


In Twilio, all the incoming and outgoing calls are charged as per the subscriptions plans established by Twilio. The price modeling of Twilio is based on the data usage and volume of the concurrent users. When it comes to Mirrorfly’s price modeling, everything is one-time payment where the enterprise can experience unlimited data usage with WebRTC and VoIP integration. Mirrorfly offers unlimited concurrent users capacity and features to integrate with a one-time payment.

So Which API service Should you go with?

At end of the day, there is no definitive to this question.

Both the API services provide unique qualities of functionalities. The fact is that everything is based on your business goals, budget and to be more precise your business strategy you are demanding. Twilio alternative - Mirrorfly and Twilio more or less roughly offers a quite different list of features whereas Mirrorfly provides customization and scalability of text, voice & video chat features to its fullest. Twilio offers video and voice calling features with help of APIs that possesses subscription-based plans.

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