Why You Should Start Online Electric Cycle/Bike Rental Business?

After the success of Uber Jump cycles, many business people have eyes on electric cycle & bike rental business. It is successful in the USA and Uber is planning to launch Uber Cycle in other major cities like UK, Brazil and so on.

Both Electric Bicycle & bikes work on the same business model but, the electric bikes are normal chargeable bikes. In this blog, we shall have a look at how electric bicycle works, its advantage & disadvantages.

What is Electric Bicycle? The electric cycle is pedal-assist cycles that have battery, Gps & lock. It runs a maximum speed of 15 m/h when pedaled it runs much better speed. It also has a smartphone mount and the battery can be changed after the ride. You can ride this electric bicycles without pedaling it.

How Cycle Rental Works? Search: A user has to search for cycles in the nearby location. When there is an available cycle, the user is notified of the location of the cycle.

Book: The rider has to scan QR code to book the cycle or the rider has to enter the unique number on his mobile app. After booking, the vehicle will be unlocked automatically. You are charged on an hourly basis or on day basis.

Lookup: When the customer is done with riding, the user has to drop off the cycle in the bicycle zone. They also have to lock up the cycle in the mobile app to end the trip.

Advantages Of Electrical Bicycle: You can easily pass the traffic and have hassle-free riding experience. As the bicycle is pedal-assisted, you can drive in the hills. It has integrated GPS which helps you with direction to reach your destination. You can swap your batteries in the cycle zone to continue with your trip. The repair mode option in the app helps the user to inform about repair in the Bicycle. It is much cheaper than booking a car and it is eco-friendly. Disadvantage Of Electrical Bicycle rental: The most important concern in electric bicycle is safety issues. It requires yearly maintenance and monitoring. The users are into additional charges when they dropoff the cycle away from the bicycle zone. The life span of this electric bicycle is 5 years which is lesser than expected. Why You Should Start Your Own Bicycle/Bike Rental Business? Though electric bikes & bicycle have flaws, they are more helpful for people & individual who wants to go out for a ride, shopping, trekking and it helps people in many ways. Many people believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup looking for business ideas then, the electric cycle rental business is the best way to go as it has a lot of potential in the market. There is no need for much invest and all you need is a good electric bike/bicycle booking software to launch your business.

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