How To Grow Your Firm With Zomato Like Business App?

Zomato is one of the top food delivery apps and restaurant finder around the world. They are well known for its features which can’t be found on any other apps. They serve more than 3 million food deliveries per month.

As technology keeps on improving, Zomato is working its way to improve food delivery service and doing it by providing new features to customers, drivers and restaurant partners.

Everyone knows there is a lot of opportunities in the food delivery industry and many startups and entrepreneurs working towards it. Here we are going to discuss Zomato’s business app which will be useful to restaurant owners and small companies.

Features of Zomato Business App: Order Tracking: Zomato provides live tracking for both restaurant owners and for the users. They even provide an option to view the previous orders location and driver movements to improve the delivery service.

Dashboard: With the live dashboard, the business owner can easily take actions on the orders. The dashboard also has customizable metrics and visualization to help the business owner. They also have the option to notify users as well as drivers regarding the status of the order.

Live Map: With the Live Map, the business owners can close look at driver stopovers, traffic and climate changes to know about delay in delivery. It also helps to know the distance and time taken to reach the location.

Customer In Loop: As the business owner has a close view of the order, they can notify customers about the delay in the order. They can stay in touch with customers in case of any queries and can build loyalty with their business.

Reply To Reviews: The business owners can listen to the conversation between customers and their business or managers which helps them to improve the overall quality of the business. They can listen to the business conversation, can and even answer to missed calls. The business owners can also answer to reviews by the customer.

Analytics: The business owners can get all metrics related to their business with ease. They can get metrics like how many people viewed their restaurant, how much revenue generated and other information related to their company.

Promos & Coupons: To attract their customers, the business owners can easily create promos, coupons and offers in their app. With this feature, the restaurant has an opportunity to attract new customers as well as reward their loyal customers.

Thus, Zomato provides you with all the features that are essential to run a successful business for their restaurant partners.

But, developing an app like Zomato is not an easy task. It takes a lot of technical skill and knowledge to build a successful app. If you are a restaurant owner or entrepreneur looking for clone scripts like JustEat clone, Swiggy clone or UberEats Clone then, you can find it in the link above.

If you want to learn about food delivery service, clone scripts and related article then, check our food delivery blog which might be useful to you.

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