Driver App Is Crucial To Your Food Delivery Business. Learn Why!

The food delivery business is one of the hottest businesses in the market and no surprise that big companies are running behind it. Food delivery service is not new to the market but, there is a lot of improvement and developments going around food delivery service.

Swiggy is one of the top food delivery service providers and they deliver 45+ cities in India. They hold no. 1 position in India for the past 3 or 4 years. If you are an entrepreneur or food delivery startup then, there is a lot to learn from Swiggy.

The food delivery driver app plays a crucial role in food delivery service. The driver acts as a connecting point to the customer and the restaurant. The vehicle driver is the one who determines the quality of the service. Here are some key features in Swiggy Clone driver app (App like Swiggy) that you certainly need for your business.

Essential Features Of Swiggy Clone:


To provide a personalized experience, the driver can easily create and manage his profiles. The driver needs to provide details like phone number, email, vehicle details to create a profile which he can change any time. They are also provided with social login option to prevent from failed login.

Trips Management:

The driver is provided with details about the trip, location, fare which helps him to more about his trips. The report is automatically updated which helps him to know more about trips.

Online/Offline Mode:

The driver can easily switch to online as well as offline whenever he wants. This option helps a driver with the unnecessary cancelation of the order. There is also Dark Mode option which saves the battery of the mobile and improves the performance.

Map & Navigation:

A map helps the driver to reach the destination and make a super fast delivery. To help the driver furthermore, the heat map also provided to help the driver to know where he can get more orders.


The earning tab helps the driver to know about earning details like completed trips, canceled trips and total earning amount. Now the driver can easily know the earning that he can earn before accepting the order. They can easily deposit their amount in the bank and withdraw it.

Review & Rating:

The review and rating help the customer to express their views on the driver service and to improve the overall quality of the service.

Thus, you get to know the essential features of the Swiggy clone app which helps you to build a perfectly optimized food delivery driver app.

If you are interested in starting a food delivery service then, you can check out our clone scripts like UberEats Clone, Zomato Clone & Just Eat Clone. If need any clarification then, you can contact us at sales@trioangle.com.


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