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The days of Yahoo Messenger, Orkut and GTalk are no more expensive in this instant messaging trend. The actual concept of instant messaging started long back in mid of the 1960s. Now, we have come a long way where instant solution through instant messaging or chatting has been the sought-after technology for websites and applications to create engagement.

The collaboration has been the major factor in earning engagement to your website which will result in your business value. To attain user engagement, collaboration through various modes of communication plays as a gimmick across businesses. The purpose of integrating chat into apps or web applications plainly depends on the business you own. As most of the community apps, social platforms, and gaming applications demand to integrate chat into their Android or iOS apps where acquiring engagement is the significant business goal. The rise in the demand of chat API evolves a wide range of chat solution providers into the market for different purposes of chat. So, at the end of the day increasing the engagement and retention is the goal for businesses.

The popularity and essence of chat don’t simply stop with websites alone, some major industries also get benefited from the trend of chat.

The Major Industries That Propelled Its Business Value Through Chat Integration

Healthcare: With the rise in healthcare cost and the demand for quality care, the importance of telemedicine in increasing where there is no accessibility of medical professionals to patients. Whether it may be a healthcare app or website, the organization wishes to integrate chat into the website and application. This assist patients to share their vital healthcare issues with healthcare professionals for a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Marketplace: One of the most benefited industries that helps the user to get insightful information about the product within the app. Through the integration of chat API into the marketplace website allow fellow users to communicate with the brands for more understanding the product. Thus, it helps to create transparency between the users and the brand. Real-Time chat functionality enhances brand trust, engagement, and business revenue growth.

Education: E-learning platforms help students and teachers interaction more convenient and real-time. With a Chat API integration with eLearning platforms, ensures students stick to the platform with an effective communication channel that creates instant guidance to the students.

Customer Service: Today’s consumers demand completely personalized service. As most of the customer services wish to integrate chat into their website in order to enhance user interaction and provide the solution in real-time. A feature-rich chat interface will offer the customers a more user experience, engaging and result in customer satisfaction.

Apart from these industries, chat functionality plays limitless possibilities across other industries and the list extends. On understanding the demand over chat integration on the website and mobile application, there rises a bunch of chat API providers in the market offering different features and functionalities.

“A conversational user interaction with a sublime user interface is much needed for websites to attain engagement and create business value.”

So how you could set visitors to your website or e-commerce site in return generate sales or adding value to your business?

To make this much simpler, you would need to integrate chat functionality into your website or app with the help of a chat API. An ideal chat API provider would fit into your business demands. There you go, Contus Fly brings you to that ideal chat solution.

An Exemplary Chat Solution To Integrate Chat into Website & Apps

Contus Fly - a real-time chat API provider in the market offering chat features and functionalities that assist every platform to integrate chat into website and application. Contus Fly offers a complete messenger SDK and Chat API with 100% customizable options to ensure the chat functionality adapts to your mode of business. The chat API solution provides enriched-features and flexible hosting possibilities. Contus Fly stands as a Plug & Play solution where you can build a conversational interface into your website that adds engagement and business value. Contus Fly adds some value to your website by facilitating different group chat functionalities.

Spotlights of Contus Fly’s Chat Functionality That Adds Value to Business

#1 Super Group: Contus Fly offers some ideal feature such as Supergroup where you can create groups within the website or app that consist of more than 200 members. The supergroup doesn’t hold any restriction in the participation of users of around 100,000 users. The feature is embedded with insightful admin tools and dashboard to manage the entire group. The supergroup feature incorporates extensive features such as Pinned messages, Replies & moments, Stickers and Admin privilege.

#2 Multiple Channels: The channel features consist of two types, namely private and public channels where the announcements on offers and new product establishment can be carried through chat rooms. With the integration of Chat API, enterprises and websites can create multiple channels within the website based on the requirement.

The Market Has Tons of Solution Providers But Pick Wisely the One Your Business Demand

As you can see, how to integrate the best chat into your website or application is not comparatively the most difficult question. But the next step you progress to follow is harder. There is a large number of chat solution providers in the market to integrate chat into your app or website, but choosing the one that adapts to your business demands is quite complex. Pick the right chat solution provider who withholds your demands on customization, features enhancement, secure and functionalities.

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