Awesome EventBridge 🚀

Awesome EventBridge 🚀

A handy list of resources for getting up to speed on events, patterns, and using Amazon EventBridge.

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Written resources



  • evb-cli - Pattern generator and debugging tool for Amazon EventBridge. Browser targets of events, generate diagrams, generate code bindings and much more. All from the CLI.

  • EventCatalog - Document your Event Architectures using Markdown files. Use the Amazon EventBridge plugin to generate docs from your Schema Registry. Visualise targets, rules and much more...

  • cdk-eventbridge-socket - CDK construct that creates a WebSocket endpoint for you for any EventBridge rule you are interested in. (Built for debugging + testing )

  • sls-dev-tools - Dev Tools for the Serverless World. Another great CLI tool for serverless support and EventBridge!

  • EventBridge Atlas - Document, Discover and Share Amazon EventBridge Schemas. Transforms your schemas into documentation.

  • EventBridge Canon - Simple UI to Publish, Save and Share AWS EventBridge Events. Think Postman but for EventBridge.

  • EventBridge Schema Watcher - Simple CDK construct with plugin support that allows you to listen for schema changes on eventbridge. For example, send messages directly into Slack when schemas change, perfect for downstream consumers!

  • sls-test-tools - Custom Jest Assertions for Serverless integration testing. Test your EventBridge integration with these awesome jest tools. Check if events are raised and the payloads of them.

  • EventBridge Transformer - An online tool that allows you to quickly generate input paths and input templates for EventBridge. Use your event as a starting point then interactive editors to generate your code. Also see example outputs and validate your input templates/paths.

  • serverless-offline-eventbridge - serverless offline plugin that enables eventBridge events

  • Typebridge - TypeScript toolbox for EventBridge.

  • EventBridge Ruler - A Java library that allows you to build applications that can match any number of rules against events at several hundred thousand events per second.

  • Quamina - Go pattern match library following EventBridge pattern style. Use this package in your applications to only send events to EventBridge if they match the registered patterns. Improves latency and reduces cost in applications.

Example Projects

  • Event Driven Architecture with .NET API's - James Eastham has built a great EDA example using NET 6 APIS. This sample project demonstrates how to build an event driven architecture on AWS using ECS Fargate, .NET 6 REST API's, AWS CoPilot and Amazon EventBridge.

  • Serverlesspresso - Open source project for the Serverlesspresso the Serverless DA Team at AWS has built using Step Functions, EventBridge and API Gateway.

  • Event Driven Serverless CDK. James Eastham gives us another example of an event driven application. This project contains an example of building an AWS native, event driven, customer review analysis application. It uses serverless components and native AWS service integrations. The application is deployed using the AWS CDK, written in C#.

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