Download and Upload file between Local and AWS EC2 Instance

Sometimes you need to upload or download file between local and EC2 instance. So the commands following can help you

  1. Download From EC2

    $ cd /path/to/where/store/ec2/pem/file
    $ scp -i {key-file-name}.pem {user}@{ip}:{/path/to/file} {/path/to/where/want/store}


    $ scp -i test-ec2.pem ec2-user@ .
  2. Upload to EC2

    $ scp -i {key-file-name}.pem {/path/to/file} {user}@xx.xx.xx.xx:{/path/to/where/store}


  • For Amazon Linux 2 or the Amazon Linux AMI, the user name is ec2-user.
  • For CentOS, the user name is centos.
  • For Debian, the user name is admin.
  • For Fedora, the user name is ec2-user or fedora.
  • For RHEL, the user name is ec2-user or root.
  • For SUSE, the user name is ec2-user or root.
  • For Ubuntu, the user name is ubuntu.
  • Otherwise, if ec2-user and root don't work, check with your AMI provider.

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