Protecting Our Children From Online Dangers

It seems that our children are not allowed to be children very easily nowadays. Everywhere you turn, there is another danger to look out for. Not just if they are outside playing outdoors, walking uptown with friends and even in schools now and all the shooting and bullies they need to suffer through. There are ways to protect your children anytime they are using their phones, their tablets or computers. One of the scariest circumstances in life today are children being lured away from the safety of their parents and guardians, by these devils who manipulate and brainwash children into thinking they can hook up with someone they met online.

Parents Can Control The Phones

Even if you cannot sit and watch your child while they are on their phone, you can be proactive and be the safety chain still. Top app development companies have always made apps that allow parents to block certain topics, certain pages from their children and teens. Now there are even more apps on Android and other smartphones that, although they may seem innocent child or teen apps, are very much a danger. We will show you some of these and the ways you can use the parental controls developed by top app development companies that will help assist keeping your children safe.

The Dangers

Again, while many of these apps are probably already in use at your home, on your children's’ phones they are not as innocent as they seem to be. There are dangers lurking in those games, in those cute little apps that allow your teens to speak with their friends. Some of these that parents should really be monitoring are the following:

  • Meet Me
  • FortNite
  • Whisper
  • Calculator+
  • HIP
  • Line
  • Blender

Now we cannot say it is happening to your child or teen, but these apps are only a FEW of the apps that kids download now and use to chat with friends, send pictures, play games and send videos. The problem is not the apps themselves. Top app development companies did not design them to give the predators a chance to get your kids. It is the predators that have taken so much of the fun away from the kids.

Yes, these chat rooms and games specifically state that certain rooms are for certain ages. The child predators do not follow directions very well. If they did, you would not be reading this right now. Child predators, sex traffickers all they want is the child or teen. They want to do terrible, horrendous things to these children. They lie, they manipulate all just to convince the youngster that it is okay to do as they are being asked to do. So even if you know that you have taught your child the correct way to use their phone, you have stated what they are allowed and what they are not allowed. Please check your children's phones consistently, and use the parental control apps we will mention or any other parental control apps developed by app developers India that are meant to protect the safety of children.

Parental Control Apps

Remember, you know you have taught them about appropriate behavior, consider, however, the peer pressure that many kids feel from their friends. They find a way to do what is wrong and think they can cover it and will not be caught. This happens in the best of families and the worst of families. Predators do not care if the family is rich, poor, black or white. So research some apps and protect them! Some apps to research and possibly put to use:

  • Net Nanny prevents the visiting of inappropriate sites
  • Screen Time manages the time that your child can spend online
  • MMGuardian allows the parent to monitor apps, calls, pictures, videos
  • Funamo allows a parent to monitor and set guides
  • SecureTeen operates in a secure part to protect and monitor

These apps developed by top app development companies provide monitoring, reports of sites visited, videos or pictures taken and sent, time limits, blocks inappropriate sites and also allows the parent to put a block on which sites they choose to prevent their children from visiting.

This is absolutely no way means that any parent is not doing their job as a parent, this means that child predators will stop at nothing to get to your child. So you must stop at nothing to continue to keep your children safe and out of the danger zone. Even the innocent games are not always the innocent and fun games we believe they are.

States all across the nation are trying to stop these predators online. The law enforcement has details set up so that they can pose as children in rooms when a predator starts talking, all chats and communication is monitored and saved. When enough evidence is gathered, the predators are arrested and charged with felonies. We, as parents are always thankful for law enforcement, this is just a suggestion to help us as parents protect our children by installing parental control apps designed by the top app development companies that allow us the added safety that we can perform for our children. They need the help of all parents who allow their children online.

It is no longer enough to just talk with the children to teach them appropriate behavior online. For safety’s sake, please take the advice of all law enforcement and utilize whichever parental control app that you find preferable.