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kintone Plaform Part 1 - Business database apps creation platform without coding

kintone Plaform Part 2 - Using Plug-in to extend your platform features

kintone Plaform Part 3 - Plug-In development Tutorial

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So we are here again, thank you for your consideration of my series about kintone - The Database App Creation Platform. We have undergone a long way together. To summarize, what we have got to know:

  • What is kintone
  • The Plugin eco-system of kintone
  • How to develop your own plugin.

If you have digged into the references that including in the kintone Plaform Part 2 - Plug-In development Tutorial, then i believe you are capable of plugin development. In this part, i would like to introduce some plugins, that you can use directly in your app or evaluate as a reference of development plugin. There were lots of theories in those previous parts, now it is the time to get your hands on.


Imagine that you are an administrator of a business company. Your company has many stores, which run independently. Each store has it's own revuene. It's the job of kintone to create simple app which managing all of these revuenes and stores. However, there's a problem, you can not know total revenue of all stores.


Although you can use GRAPH feature to analyze, but it's more visual to show "Number of total revenue" at top of list page. You do not have to redirect to another page so that we will install a plugin to archive this feature.

How to use Plug-in

Plug-in Sum Of Total Records Advantage

This Plug-in shows sum of total records on the list screen. You can check sum of total-record data at a glance on the list screen as below. Need to place “Number” fields or “Calculation” fields to activate this plug-in correctly.

You can also check total value in real time, even if the records are changed or deleted in the list screen.


Step 1: Click edit button to edit a record Step 2: Change the value in the record. Step 3: Now the total value in the top column has changed.

How to install "Sum of Total Records" Plug-in

Step 1: Set up your form

“Number” field or “Calculation” field are needed to configure this Plug-in.

Note *If you use “table” function or “Related Records” field in the form, this Plug-in does not work.

Step 2: Upload Plugin to kintone

Install the “Show Sum Of Total Records” Plug-in into your kintone environment, and add it your app.

  1. Download the “Show Sum Of Total Records” Plug-in file introduced later on this page
  2. Install Plugin file to kintone

Click to "Wheel" icon and then select kintone Administrator Click to Other, and select Plugin Click to "Import"

From appeared window, click to Browser button to upload Plugin file you have downloaded. After that, select "Import" and wait for a moment.

For more details, you can follow below link.


**Step 3: Add the Plug in to your app. **

In App Settings tab, select Plug-ins to opens Plugin setting page.

Click New

Plugin choosing page appears, click to checkbox to choose installing Plugin "Show Sum Of Total Records"

Click Add

Remember to Update App so that Plugin can be activated

For more details, you can follow below link.


Step 4:Test out the “Show Sum Of Total Record” Plug-in Add a new record stimulately. Hence, click on "Save" and check whether it is reflected.


  1. You can place apps on the top screen on kintone Portal generally, however, when you place apps with this plug-in on the portal screen, the sum of total cannot be reflected.
  2. You cannot set ‘Table’ in the form when you use this plug-in.
  3. You cannot place ‘Related Records’ field to use this plug-in.


  1. We do not guarantee this sample to run.
  2. We do not provide any technical support for this sample Plug-in.

Downloadable Content

zip file, please download the follwed link and upload whole package to kintone, don't extract it before upload to kintone. https://goo.gl/Hgjtjp

It is not the end

I hope that this plugin can bring some benefits to your work. This series is not yet end and we will still meet again to discuss about more interesting plugins afterward. If you have any questions, please place a comment and i will try to reply as fast as possible. Thank you !

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