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Today, I am glad to introduce to you all a new kintone Plugin. However, before installing this plugin, please assure that you have some understanding about:

  • What is kintone?
  • What is Plugin
  • Plugin eco-system and Plugin development tutorial


  • When working with Database Management System liek SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, ... There are many relation between tables, those reflect by foreign keys. Similarly, kintone also have a concept to express relation, which called Lookup field. The responsibility of Lookup field is mapping a field to another app's field.

  • To make it clear, we are going to consider the bellow example. What i have is an named "Method" app, there are some fields: title, content, lookup. Please be notice that, this lookup field will map title field of Method app to name field of Categories app

  • By Default, everytime you update source data (title field), name field of Categories app will not be updated automatically so that you have to struggle some pains to manually update it. Fortunately, Plug-in Lookup destination Automatic Update appears to solve it.

How to use Plug-in

Plug-in Lookup destination Automatic Update Advantages

We will set up "Lookup destination Automatic Update". As i have described earlier, this plugin helps us to automatically update related destination field when data of source field changing.

To make sure Plugin runs properly, you have to guarantee that The field of source App have no duplicate value in other words, please check "No duplication Value" in App Setting

  1. As usual, upload the Plugin to your app (you can review Sum Of Total Record Tutorial)
  2. Diferently to Sum Of Total Record Tutorial, this time, you can not use the Plugin yet. You have to config some setting before.

After entering the config screen, Plugin will show all apps that related to our source app. You can choose those apps that you need to automatically update by checking at the box beside AppName.

  1. OK, now test a demo to validate that our Plugin works correctly Firstly, i create a new record of Categories App then i do samething with Method App. (Because Method is depended on Categories) Look at the third record which has Record_number value is 3. (i am going to call it by source record)

In Method app, i have 2 records that lookup to source record.

To make the magic happen, I modifiy source record

A box will show up, illustrating the progress of update related records in the destination app also with some useful information ( Method App in this case )

Checking the worked magic !

Although, There are chances some errors occurs, Please follow the warning showing up to solve the problem. This error occurs due to having not config yet, keep remembering to config before using it.

When your source field is not intended to be unique, this error will come out.


  1. We do not guarantee this sample to run.
  2. We do not provide any technical support for this sample Plug-in.

Downloadable Content

zip file, please download the follwed link and upload whole package to kintone, don't extract it before upload to kintone. https://goo.gl/9AKnP6

It is not the end

I hope that this plugin can bring some benefits to your work. This series is not yet end and we will still meet again to discuss about more interesting plugins afterward. If you have any questions, please place a comment and i will try to reply as fast as possible. Thank you !

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