How to Make Your App Successful. A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide.

If you want to launch a great app startup, you need to follow a systematic pattern. Here you will learn how to make a successful app business.

The whole app development process consists of a 10 step process. Below you will see a detailed route with all the tips for how to create a successful app business. What Makes an App Successful?

You would certainly agree that WhatsApp, Instagram, and gaming apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crash are successful examples. Even though they have each had a different success story, all of them have something in common. Each of these had a unique app concept reflected in useful functionality. This core functionality allowed the app to change user behavior and fall into their daily routine. To sum up the following elements influence and contributes to making an app successful:

  • unique app concept
  • usefulness
  • usability
  • performance
  • appearance
  • engagement

How to Make a Great New App Concept

To make a successful app we need two ingredients. First of all, startup begins with a great new app idea which has an alternative solution for a particular situation. Secondly, the project must be perfectly prepared and executed. Although your app idea may seem to be great, first of all, you need to decide on your niche. The thing is that many new apps are launched everyday in Google Play, Apple App Store etc. Two facts must be carefully examined to evaluate a mobile app:

  • Understand and define your potential users
  • Evaluate and learn from all competitive products

An app takes a small niche for a particular group of people and their needs. A micro niche won't have lots of traffic but will have higher conversions. In the second case, an app can provide a larger pool of potential customers and more fierce competition.

At first, all good ideas are mostly unconditional and risky. If you believe in your app when you need to take a particular route you must understand how much work needs to be done for your app to be successful. Then you will receive a return on investment as a reward.

The main thing is to be open, listen, and ask people. You need to study the products which already exist and surf online resources and social media for the information. If you want your application to be successful you should find out what inspires or irritates your target audience.

There is a list of tips for how to make a successful app concept:

  • Study forums and questions being asked. One of the more well-known forums is Quora. Usually, questions are based on some specific problems; why are they not being fixed.
  • Search for trends with Google. For example, the comparison of iPhone models.
  • Gain some insight with the help of Google Keyword Planner. You can find out what people are searching for and the volume of such searches per topic. Further specific keywords can be used for App Store Optimization.
  • Attend tech startups, meetups, and hackathons. This can help you understand what kind of ideas are currently interesting to the crowd. Additionally, search Meetup.com for local events.
  • Take some time to observe the world around you. What are the issues people encounter daily that are inefficient? As an example, there is an urgent necessity to help restaurants reduce their food waste.
  • Conduct polls & questionnaires among potential app users. Receive feedback from your friends about what exactly is valuable for an app to do.
  • Ask potential users on social networks and their groups. Search in: Reddit Startup, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Speak to business owners about their current, and potential future, pain points.
  • Check vendors and organization that provide startup funding, like Y Combinator.
  • Check all the top apps and top app categories of your interest. You can check what solutions these apps provide for their users and compare with your idea.
  • Check CrunchBase for successful mobile apps succeeding in the seed funding rounds.
  • A tool like AppTweak can help you understand whether some competitive apps are in the top charts for downloads. This means they have solid and valid app ideas being ranked at the top.

You can consider a couple of ideas for mobile applications to choose the best.

The last advice is to select a less competitive market to launch an app.

Finalize a Great New App Idea

 Light bulb and app idea

It is possible to finalize a killer app idea if it is based on market analysis. It is vital to fully understand the value proposition of the mobile app and see the unique selling points. You should consider such questions for a successful app strategy as:


Here, it is important to understand your core feature.

Besides, it is important to imagine what the customers will do while using an app. Use the pattern below to get that information.

User story template content_userstories_list

You will create a great app prototype if you use it. This prototype is called MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the smallest working version of the product necessary to move into the market which:

  • Has a minimum list of features to satisfy the client’s needs
  • Is used for beta testing in your target group
  • Is used to present the idea to investors and raise first round funds

As soon as the MVP is defined, it is vital to take marketing into account. The following aspects are very useful during the next steps:

  1. Catchy App Name

It is not easy to name an app but it is important for it to be catchy and recognizable. Besides, it should be SEO friendly. Check keywords and their search volume in Google.

  1. App Keywords

Carry out keyword research before you launch the app. It will help you to quickly proceed with optimized listings and pages. These keywords should be used in all further marketing materials too.

  1. Great App Previews

It would be better if you demonstrate your product to the public visually earlier. Because some app screens and visuals can be useful in app pre-launch marketing materials.

  1. Impressive App Press Kit

This kit, which includes things like screenshots, demo videos, information about the app, etc, will be very useful when going to the press or sites for listing the future app.

Have a look through this article which gives a full understanding of the ways how to make a successful app.

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