How to Make an Augmented Reality Application with Vuforia & Unity?

Now, augmented reality gets more fame among people because of its advancements and cool features. It encourages people to design and develop the apps based on the requirements. Along with this, you can also lots of tools and platforms to design it according to the augmented reality models in 3D. Of course, it is significant to know that augmented reality app with Vuforia and unity development is a right way to reach your business success soon. Create Augmented Reality Apps using Vuforia with the help of reliable app development companies that suit your AR app development needs properly. In this way, the AR development is simple and follows vital approach for designing it in 3D models. By using the popular developer tools and kits, the business process is simple and could be quite enjoyable for the developers. It allows them to build an AR app using the outstanding apps.

While using the Vuforia kit, it is really easy to work with and have stunning possibilities while build an augmented reality app with Unity. The framework is getting started with tutorials so that users clearly get points for designing augmented reality models. Here, the procedure for making an augmented reality app with Vuforia and Unity are explained clearly.

Starting with Vuforia and Unity

In order to use and design, developing augmented reality app with unity 3d and vuforia, the user must go to the Vuforia Developer platform and must create an account. You must login and go to the develop page for creating special license key and includes a database for creation.

Add a License Key

At first, the user has to earn license key which is a unique ID for processing app development in Unity. In order to create a license key, go to Develop and pick License Manager Tab. Then select Add License key and type in case. You have to type name and confirm the terms and conditions. For this app, SDK is free of charge and review for great development.

Add a Database

As the second step, this is vital for the users to create database and image target when creating AR models. For carrying out this task, the user has to go to Develop and hit Target Manager Tab. It continues to make an augmented reality app with Vuforia and Unity.

Select the type and click Create

  • A new database successfully creates and adds on Target Manager
  • Finally, add images to the database and images our only AR models
  • Click MyTargets and then press ADD Target button

Integrating Vuforia with Unity

In order to start working with Unity, it is necessary to download Vuforia SDK. This is the final task for the users who wish to create an AR framework. For doing this work, the user has to go to Downloads and then SDK and select Download for Unity package. It tends to create a new project for Augmented Reality models and see the demo first.

  • Then go to Vuforia menu and tap Configuration
  • Copy and paste the license key created previously
  • Click on Load MyTargets Database and Active in Datasets

AR Camera

This is the time to add and configure a camera tool for AR animation works in Unity project. The tool is named as ARCamera and it is specially preset from Vuforia. It is simply a regular camera but with Vuforia script. By using it, one can make an augmented reality app with Vuforia without any ease.

  • Go to Assets>Vuforia>Prefabs
  • Drag ARCamera to scene and assign next coordinates
  • At the final task, build a project for Android by using Player Settings in Inspector Panel
  • Then go to File>Build Settings> add current> select Android Platform
  • Finally, click Build and Run.


From the above discussion, this is how you can Build an AR App with Vuforia and Unity package. You can download and consider the demo process by using an active webcam to a market and see the animations.

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