Zonbase Review - Get Tons Of Sales With The Best Amazon Tool

All Amazon sellers want to boost profits in the fastest way. However, there are too many tools for considering. Today, let me show you a truly effective tool through this Zonbase review.

What Is Zonbase?

Zonbase is a software created by Kevin David. He’s an internationally renowned speaker on eCommerce, entrepreneurship, and business. The software offers useful and suitable tools for Amazon sellers. The main features of Zonbase includes:

  • Reverse Keywords
  • ZonTracker
  • ZonResearch
  • ZonResearch Chrome Extension
  • Sales Estimator
  • PageOne
  • PPC Autopilot

Besides, this all-in-one platform also has other special features. For example, your product will receive reviews from a team of experts before investing. All you need to do is using the Product Validator. If you want to see your competitions’ keywords rank, you can use the Reverse ASIN.

How It Works How does Zonbase work - Zonbase review How does Zonbase work – Zonbase review It’s really easy to use this tool within 4 steps.

Firstly, you click on the “Get Started” button on their official website – zonbase.com. The site will give you a 7-day free trial. It takes only 10 seconds to register.

Get Your Zonbase Free Trial here

Secondly, you select and try any plan that suits your needs. The shop has 3 packages for you. They are Standard, Legendary and Enterprise. Besides, you can choose the monthly plan or the yearly plan.

Thirdly, the software provides the FBA Agency Course. With these lessons, you will know how to run an Amazon store of somebody else. In addition, you can earn money with Zero cash upfront.

Finally, the store will send you a free T-shirt to thank you for choosing their service. Especially, you don’t have to pay anything, even the shipping fee.

Zonbase Review From Customers

Drew R (Power Amazon Seller): I love the simplicity of Zonbase. It’s been designed for busy sellers who need to get the right info quick! No pouring through hundreds of reports to find the gold nuggets.

Benji (Accountant to multiple 7 digits Amazon Seller): I like how Reverse Keywords showed me what Keywords my competitors were dominating. I never even knew and now I am targeting those hidden keywords words and selling more products.

Read more their products at here.

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