Understanding financial statement audit

Financial statement audit is to check and confirm the truthfulness and relevance of the documents, accounting data and financial statements of the accounting units in service object needs to use the information on the financial statements of the unit.


An audit of financial statements by enterprises usually audit done to cater to the managers, governments, banks and investors, to the seller, the buyer.!

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  • Study accounting system and internal control systems;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of internal control systems;
  • Assess the appropriateness of the accounting system in terms of:
  • Accounting voucher system,
  • Account accounting systems are used,
  • Bookkeeping system and method of recording,
  • The system of financial statements and management report,
  • Organization of accounting work.

The meaning and effect of the audit:

  • Audit contributes to confidence for those interested

Audit of trust for people interested in subjects such as audit State agencies, banks, investors, managers, employees, customers, suppliers and other interested people ...

  • Audit contributes professional guidance

Audit of tasks contributing to increased professional guidance conenep financial activities in particular accounting and audit activity in general.

Financial activities include investment heve many relationships, joint vekinh, vephan distribution, billing. The complexity of this activity by increasing ties with chegiua the main Hetai loiich the man. Meanwhile Suphan accounting information is subject of the financing activities, the product of the process handle their information by means of a special technique.


  • Audit findings and contribute to improve performance management

Audit findings and contribute to improve management capacity. Auditing is not only reliable verification of information clearly dotin but also consulting for operations.

In the new conditions cochekinh economic transformation, incomplete legal The system ... the kycuong maintain and ensure proper development cosoxay Chico on building organizational co Bova audit performed well in all areas.

the greatest significance of the audit is impartial judges of the past, the present and who led covan wisely for the future.

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