Top Augmented Reality App Development Companies For Your Business

Discovering the most appropriate way to make use of Future technologies to your business and dealing with the foreseeable technologies like augmented reality can be a arduous proposition.

Thus, the stratagem in developing such augmented reality app requires a set of most sought techies who has the superpower in the manipulating the AR apps more interactive to your business. To come up with all these, you will have to put massive efforts in sifting your ideal augmented reality app development company in thriving your business.

In attempt to make it much easier, we have scrutinized several companies and come up with some of the top augmented reality development companies.

Here is a list of Best Augmented Reality App Development Service Providers

1. Contus

Founded in 2008, Contus is one of the world leaders in a technology-centric companies, when it comes in developing AR Solutions, their skilled techies make their way in transforming the projects to the next level of humankind visual experience. They have spent almost a decade in developing Augmented Reality Application based digital Solution that ends up with 10000+ downloads across the World.

With their insight proficiency in augmented reality, they have the potential to scale the projects whether it's a 10 man project or scaling up to the world-renowned brands. Contus Stimulates every Project in way of taking client's idea and turning out as the best befitting for the Solution. They have a list of impressive clients to bring out fruition of projects based on a highly interactive Pub Chain App, eLearning, Pharmaceutical Industries and Much More.

No. of Employees: 201–500 Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

2. Credencys

Augmented Reality is one of the major development in Credency. They are staffed by a great team of AR Engineers who has the potential to bring 3D visualization spect into your business. With utilizing the array of skills, they unleash their most astonishing solutions colliding with the clients and bringing into viable Solution. Founded in the year 2013 to create a real-time digital solution to interact with the information that customers would like to experience. These Proving skills make them in creating a list of happy clients across the globe.

No. of Employees: 200 Headquarters: LA Palma, CA

3. Scullylabs

Focusing on creating Augmented Reality Solution to leveraging core business solutions. By combining the traditional and Futuristic technology, they evolve the nature of Augmented reality solutions that creates a seamless performance of the Solution. In addition to that, they have developed international level deployments in various retail stores, marketing campaigns and enterprise engagements.

Scullylabs founded in the year 2016, New York. They also provide strategic consulting on the deployment of augmented reality through discovering leveraging most effective technologies.

No. of Employees: 50+ Headquarters: Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

4. Creatiosoft

When it comes to developing Full-cycle augmented reality development, Creatiosoft is the experts you will have to go with. Being the prominent leader in Game developing, they also have insight experience in designing e-learning AR apps which are highly welcomed by their clients. As they are much experienced in digital gamification, crafted a bunch of impressive AR game app to some renowned global clients which have great demand in the AR market.

Founded in the year 2012, Noida. With their deeper experience in Digital Gamification which is now turning to be the greatest engagement for users and to the businesses that stimulate the integration of gaming with any sort of enterprise expectations. The headway technologies and constant product updates are considered as their key strength.

No. of Employees: 200 Headquarters: Noida, U.P.

5. Juego Studios

With having a proven record of mixing AR technologies to outcomes, their most Stupendous design are welcomed by the Global Clients. They initially started with venture dealing VR, AR, AI, IoT and other specific technologies, Game designing was their former technology practiced in a full-fledged. Founded in 2011, Juego Studios has a variety of skilled technical experts who are passionate in experimenting with the headway technologies.

Their skilled Employees have the potential to develop solutions that are more interactive AR Mobile Application for an enterprise solution to certain sectors such as Manufacturing, Entertainment, retail and much more.

No. of Employees: 51–200 Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

6. Brillmindz

An absolute digital solution providing company having a varied service ranging from Application development to Marketing. With their array of skills and ideas in the mobile application development, brillmindz has captured a bunch of impressive list of clients since 2011. As they practice varied services, recently stepped into the AR world and developed a certain number of augmented projects. Now, they are constantly forwarding towards exploring new techniques by blending the real-time Innovations. They have been on the journey of developing AR Applications in the field of e-commerce, Education and many other Industries across the global clients.

No. of Employees: 51–200 Headquarters: Bangalore


They have been in the Market for Web Application development since 2001. With their Agile Way of handling projects, responds to deliver business-driven solutions at a very quick time. WDIPL have a team of passionate and experienced programmers that leads to deliver high-Performing Web Applications to Global Clients.

Since, they have instigated in delivering their solution to the world market, Augmented Reality Applications have been one of the major criteria in adding up their client's list base. Their brainy developers have the potential to develop a captivating layer of virtual reality applications that have the superpower in amplifying sensory experiencing application that pushes the wheels to deploy on the platform that every business needs.

No. of Employees: 51–200 Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

8. IndiaNIC

Founded in 1997, US-based leading Augmented Reality App development Company focusing on delivering AR technology embedded Business Solutions that amplify the client's revenue Map. With their insight experienced Web Developers, they craft every AR application in the most enhancing one that best apt for Marketing campaign which leads the business to a competitive edge. They represent the Modern headway technologies and raise Customer relationship that pushes them to deliver Enterprise - grade AR applications across the Industries that assist in retaining a captivating list of Clients.

No. of Employees: 201–500 Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

9. KCS

With Proven records of delivering superimposing AR Applications to its Global Clients, KCS provides innovative Augmented Reality Application that drives high performance in the clients business range. Since they have been in the Industry of providing interactive and real-time AR applications for more than 15 years of experience, grabbed dozens of majestic clients across the globe. KCS, they believe that "say Goodbye (Bid adieu) to the oldest method of advertising which is no more applicable in triggering the business revenue, Only through AR applications which is more interactive in promoting the business to another level of Promotions.

No. of Employees: 51–200 Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

10. Zco Corporation

Established in 1989 with a mission in revolutionizing the Mobile Arena with their state of technology art. Zco Corporation is considered as one of the largest mobile application development company in the world, which have put their way in developing sublime AR visualization App that captivates every audience. With having large number AR App development experts, they fuse the technology stacks to bring best-in-class Augmented Reality Applications to its global clients.

They have been in the technology world for more than 25 years which lay the foundation for developing a list of impressive global clients like BBC America, Microsoft and Much more.

No. of Employees: 201–500 Headquarters: Nashua, New Hampshire

The above list is some of the top Augmented Reality App Development Companies as per the deep research and Company reviews. Hope, the list will assist you in finding the right technology partner to build your next level of Augmented Reality Application that triggers your revenue Map.

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