Sample Data for Push Notification Testing

1. Intro

Last time I made an article about sample testing data for sending email.
Sample Data for Testing Sending Email Function

This time I list up sample data for testing data for push notification.
Push notification is important function for any services, so I suppose you test this function carefully.
However, some incidents happen sometimes like sending notifications to real users.
A broken egg cannot be put back together. Incident is Incident.
But if we use sample data below, we can minimize our damage.

※Notification for PC needs Title and Content, but it needs only content for smartphone. So, you can skip Title for testing on smartphone.

2. Sample Data for Local Notification

  • 2-1. Sample 1 (Simple)




    ローカル通知テスト1中です。This is test notification!
  • 2-2. Sample 2 (Long text on content)




    これはローカル通知テスト2です。This is Local notification2 test!(49 characters)

3. Sample Data for Remote Notification

  • 3-1. Sample 1 (Simple)




    リモート通知テスト1中です。This is test notification!
  • 3-2. Sample 2 (Long text on content)




    これはリモート通知テスト2です。This is Remote notification2 test!(50 characters)

4. Conclusion

Thanks for reading my post!
I will keep uploading posts about test sample data.
Keep checking my posts.

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