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kintone Plug-in: "Aggregate Numberic Related Records" Plugin [EN]

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Come back in the article, I will introduce to everyone a new plugin, which supports people very effectively when using the Related Records field in the app. A reminder to anyone who wants to learn and install this plugin, please make sure to have some knowledge about:

  • What is kintone
  • What is Plugin
  • Plugin eco-system and Plugin development Tuttorial


In MySQL or SQL Server when you want to connect data between multiple tables, you think about "JOIN" clause, so in Kintone how it 's implemented?

The answer is using Related Records. If you didn't know the Related Record field, you could learn it here because in this article I will not introduce it. Using Related Record Field is similar to using a JOIN statement, even simpler ? When using Related Records field, we can see related records, which may be some text lines or numbers. One thing that many people care about when working with numeric stats is acknowledging the sum value of many records.

  • Example given. Here, we have two Apps (bills and bills detail). In bills app, we use Related Field to show some related data from Detail App.
  • What we see when accessing to Detail App:
  • When you see this information are you curious the total number of products and the total amount of money?
  • Using Aggregate Numberic Related Records plugin to know it simply. Here, people can understand the plugin that I want to introduce to the users.
  • What I want to say here is the Aggregate Numberic Related Records Plugin will show us the statistics automatically, depending on our settings. More details will be introduced in the next part.

How to use Plug-in

Aggregate Numberic Related Records The plugin provide the sum statistics of numeric related fields to users .

Setting config

  • First, we need to set up the config to use.
  • Please notice, to see the statistical results, there should be al least a number field to display. Otherwise, if you access the config page, the following message will appear on the screen:
  • Let's go back to create number fields to display the statistics. After creating the field, go back to the plugin settings page to configure the plugin
  • Choose the related records field, the summary field and the summary result field . Please notice this is a statistic, hence the summary fields are type number and calculated. Moreover, summary result fields are type number.
  • After finishing and submiting the results, this time the statistics will be conducted. Consequenly, do not forget to update the setting of the app.

Setting desktop

  • Set up the config section successfully, the main viewer will see the change from the interface. Button statistic and statistical information have also been displayed.
  • If you want to analyze again, you need follow:
  • After the statistics information displays, if everything is OK, just click CONFIRM to analyze again.
  • This message appear if the progress complete successfully.
  • Click CONFIRM to return to the main screen.
  • We see the "Last count" value changed. Additionally, some people are curious about the information, this field displays. This field displays the most recent statistic time, that may be of all fields, possibly of any field when people view the detail of the record. When the value of a field in the associated app changes, you want the result of the record to change just view the detail of that record, the default of the plugin will process as you want.
  • In the Detail Page, The History Change Time information also changed.
  • Back to the home page, the same behaviour appeared.

By default of this Plugin, when clearing all fields to display summary result or when deleting related record fields, statistics are not made anymore, also statistics button and Last count box do not show anymore.

When deleting a field such as a summary field or summary result field, the statistics for its field will not be processed nor displayed.

One more thing, people may wonder when creating an app without creating a History Change Time field, when and why this field displayed? This field is created automatically to display the latest statistical time.


  1. We do not guarantee this sample to run.
  2. We do not provide any technical support for this sample Plug-in.

Downloadable Content

Zip file, please download the follwed link and upload whole package to kintone, don't extract it before upload to kintone.

It 's not the end

I hope that this plugin can bring some benefits to your work. This series is not yet end and we will still meet again to discuss about more interesting plugins afterward. If you have any questions, please place a comment and i will try to reply as fast as possible. Thank you !

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