How Does Programming Language Help in AI Development?

So, did you hear that Facebook is now Meta? Well, of course, you did. Whom am I kidding? But you had a little bit of idea of that, but you actually don’t know what all this metaverse and Artificial intelligence and all that stuff work like. Before we jump into that let me tell you that it is worth jumping into this, and trust me that you are going to love this article.

You can not even imagine what could be possible with AI-powered tools and Artificial intelligence development by top software companies. There are numerous opportunities and vast possibilities to explore in this field. I am not exaggerating but in marketing, there are so many AI-powered tools and technologies that can make your work very easy.

Well, It’s one of the benefits of Artificial intelligence. AI development can be useful in many ways. So why don’t you try to develop an AI-powered tool? Not lying you can make a hell of money with that thing. But first of all, you will need to understand what kind of programming languages you need to build an Artificial Intelligence.

Well more specifically let me introduce some of the Programming languages to build an AI. Wait do you know what AI is? No? So you will need to know that first.

What the Hell is Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence particularly depends on an Intelligent machine, or you can say that it means a literal intelligent machine that can solve any particular problem. You will be wrong if you say that you’ve never witnessed artificial intelligence.

People don’t believe without proof, so let me tell you this, did you ever talk with Alexa, Siri, or Google, well what do you call it? It is artificial intelligence at your fingertips sir.

3 Best Programming languages to Build an AI


Python is a high-level programming language. Which is used for general purposes. Developers like this language because of its particular benefits of it. First of all, it is well equipped and has a simple syntax. Not to mention its high maintainability.

The best benefit of python is that you will get to handle high-level projects that will be friendly to handle. Machine learning is that part of Artificial intelligence that helps them to make algorithms.

So which is the most popular framework of Python?

Before revealing its name let’s discuss its benefits. Well, it is an open-source machine learning library. It is non-other than TensorFlow, yes it is the best framework of Python. With the help of Python, TensorFlow can train deep neural networks.

There are so many libraries on this list. Let me name you some of them.

  • SciPy
  • Nltk
  • Keras
  • Theano
  • Pandas

Machine learning is not the only field where you can use this library. You can also use this library in Natural Language Processing. Which is indeed used to maintain mathematical expression.

Okay! It’s a whole different topic. Sure we are going to discuss that but at some other time. Python is the easiest language and you will be stunned by its benefits.


Talking about AI, Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages in circulation for the development of AI. Actually, Lisp is the short form of list processing. Well, List Processing is not the only thing done by the Lisp. But surely it is one of its applications. Lisp originated in 1958.

Thanks to John McCarthy, the language got high on performance and now it is able to address the problems of Artificial intelligence. This all happened in mere 4 years of its origination. I mean McCarthy helped Lisp in 1962.

Well, developers do not prefer the language that much. Because it has a complicated syntax and difficult libraries. Although there are some projects in which Lisp can be a great choice of adopting a programming language.

  • Rapid Prototype
  • It has dynamic object creation
  • Modifies programs as data
  • Has garbage collection


Java, there is no one who has not heard this name. Well, I heard it and I know pretty much about it. So, let me give that knowledge to you. You can use java on any platform from anywhere. Well, you can do this with the virtual machine.

The developers of android can work with Kotlin, also Java is a native language for android application development.

There is nothing new about this and every mobile application developer knows that AI can be very profitable and is one of the best application development trends.

Java does not only work for android app development, it has its own library to do natural language processing. You can also check out the libraries mentioned below.

  • Kubeflow
  • OpnNLP
  • Deep Java Library
  • Neuroph

Java has an object-oriented design and it is much easier to work with.


The bottom line is that you can build an AI-powered tool on your own but you will have to have a knowledge of all kinds of programming languages. Well, the list is long, but these three are languages that are the most relevant to building AI tools and technology. So why don’t you try to learn one of them and build a tool that can help everyone? Hyperlink InfoSystem by Top App Development Companies - one of the top AI development companies.

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