Health Tips if You Work at a Computer All Day

Currently, computers have become an indispensable tool in the work, the lives of everyone. But computers are also "double-edged sword" - it's a convenience for people, but at the same time, also harmful to health, reduced eyesight, damaged bones, headaches, shoulder pain ...

A recent statistics shows that, there are up to

  • 83% of people who often use computer lead to eyestrain,
  • 63.9% suffered shoulder and back pain,
  • 56.1% had headaches
  • 54.4% had anorexia.

In addition, people those often use computers may also suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. According to experts, the disease-related to sitting at a computer, using the computer and the time of use. So, for those who regularly use a computer, the most important thing is prevention before it becomes the death of you.

Here are five ways to make sure your computer desk doesn’t become the death of you.

1. The computer must be set correctly to your height:

  • Position the computer screen center should at the breast of the user. Best to use chair that can be height adjustment.
  • There must be enough space to set foot. Knees bent to form a 90 degree angle, feet touching the ground.


"According to Dr. Jim Sheedy, director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, the top of your the screen should be level with your eyes. The ideas is to get the eyes looking down about 10 degrees. If it’s any lower or higher, computer users will adapt to it by moving their head. If your screen is to low, your head points down, causing neck and back aches. High displays, meanwhile, contribute to dry eye syndrome."

2. Sitting at a computer in the correct posture:

Many people sitting at a computer get drawn into the screen, which means they crane their necks forward. This imbalance puts strain on the neck and spine. Following these steps to get to right posture:

  • Computer users should try to keep your back and neck straight.
  • Shoulders slightly sagging naturally.
  • Monitoring arm on the body, elbows bent 90 degrees forming.


3. Avoid using computer for a long time:

Every 45-60 minutes, we should stand up, take some small excercises stretching, deep breathing, relax the body to avoid eye aches.


4. Hygiene:

  • Computer monitors are more static and dust that can play on the move to hand and facial skin, leading to skin diseases for users. To avoid it, you should ventilate the room, put a water bowl or vase near the computer but to ensure no incidents of water poured into the machine.
  • You should also wash your face regularly to avoid dust deposition on the skin.


5. Adding more nutrients for your body:

  • Eat more carrots, cabbage, prices, tofu, apples, oranges, milk, eggs, liver, lean meat ...
  • Limit your intake of fat, spicy food.
  • Drink plenty of tea, because tea blend helps prevent radioactive rays emitted from the computer.
  • Finally, you should remember to frequently wash their hands, because the keyboard has more germs that can cause disease.


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