Top Ten AngularJS Tools for Rapidly Developing Enterprise-grade Applications

Just like mobile app development, the web app development domain also embraced the technological advancements for making the next-gen apps for modern businesses. Today, thanks to the evolving technology, we have several top web application development frameworks are available. Out of these frameworks, AngularJS has gained ground swiftly among the developer’s community.

Introduction of AngularJS Framework

AngularJS is a dynamic, JavaScript-based MVW framework that is managed by the software giant Google. When it comes to developing single-page applications, this open source framework can work wonders. The framework enables web and mobile app developers to address the client’s business requirements while developing enterprise-grade applications.

Thriving developers’ community and Google’s support have brought some excellent AngularJS tools for developing enterprise-grade, robust web apps.

Let’s go through a few noteworthy tools from the viewpoint of AngularJS app developers.

  1. AngularUI When meeting the deadline is important while ensuring the application’s performance along with addressing the client’s requirements, the developers count on Angular UI. It can speed up the application development process while maintaining the app’s quality. Angular UI is one of the best AngularJS tools that make the entire development process quick and simple. Developers can readily replace any unwanted widgets with Angular UI’s bone-naked directives.

  2. WebStorm WebStorm has gained popularity among the developer’s community as one of the best text editors and an AngularJS IDE. It has an expected JavaScript-ready status. WebStorm is also compatible with running CSS and HTML that makes it more useful in AngularJS development process. WebStorm also enables the developers to get rid of constant refreshing with the live text editor feature.

  3. Sublime Text Well, coding is a bread and butter for the developers. But this tool is unique in a way that it eases the burden of coding. AngularJS development process involves extensive coding and this tool can make coding easy. In a way, this go-to tool can increase the efficiency and productivity of the developers while saving their time. Sublime Text is the most preferred text editor in AngularJS development for these reasons.

  4. Mocha.js Basically, this tool is dependent on Node JS platform. It can make testing of web apps easy for the developers. They can test the JavaScript capabilities with ease through Mocha.js. What’s more, this tool is useful for the newbies as well. It acts as an initial AngularJS tool for training and learning purpose. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that very few tools can provide such fluency in testing JavaScript like Mocha.js.

  5. Karma Karma can provide an optimum testing environment to the developers for JavaScript frameworks. It is easy to write the JavaScript code in multiple browsers with the utmost efficiency thanks to Karma. The framework also enables the developer to control the entire framework either by using the command line or with the IDE. Karma also facilitates testing of an AngularJS-based web or mobile application. Read More

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