Top Defects/ Bugs Tracking Tool of Software Testing

Before looking into any particular bugs tracking tool lets have a look at the basic question and i.e what is a bug tracking tool? Why did every software tester worry about the defects tracking tools? What is the Defects Tracking Tool? In software testing, defect or bug tracking tool is the application or software which helps us to record, analysis or monitor the bugs of application. In many of the Software testing companies, software testers used excel sheet to store or monitor the daily bugs but some of the top software testing companies used the latest bugs tracking tools to monitor bugs report. I don't say that use an excel sheets to track bugs is not a good way…but I would like to say we have the best option to track the bugs and i.e bugs tracking tools …In this article, our software testing experts list the top most used bugs tracking tools so let us know which one is your favorite?

  • Bugzilla

  • HP ALM

  • JIRA

  • Mantis

  • Redmine

  • ReQtest

  • Kualitee

  • BackLog

  • Axosoft

  • eTraxis

  • Bugzilla: Bugzilla is one of the best bug tracking tools which are used by many software testing companies. It is the web-based defect tracking tool which is also free to use. Bugzilla bugs tracking tool offers the various features mail notifications, scheduling, Duplication check, Time tracking and many more

  • JIRA: Another most important bugs tracking tool is Jira which is used by so many big organizations such as Twitter, Telegraph, Nasa, etc…Jira tool also offer you some free trial to monitor your bugs

  • HP ALM: HP ALM is another bug tracking tool to test and track your bugs, It's a premium bug tracking tool with the free trial package.

  • Redmine: Just like Bugzilla Redmine is also an open-source and web-based defect tracking tool. One of the best features of Redmine is it supports multiple projects.

  • Mantis: It is the open-source web-based defect tracking tool. The important feature of this bug tracking tool is it offers you mobile version also and this tool also support with the multiple browsers So here I just mention some of the top lists of bugs tracking tools apart from this there are so many tools are available in the market If you want to explore this topic more you can also check here… Reference: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/top-defects-bug-tracking-tools/

Benefits to use of Bugs Tracking Tools Instead of Using Excel Sheet

If you still want more benefits of these tools you can check below…

  • Track your bugs or defects at only one place
  • Easily communicate with team
  • Find Out the easy solution of bugs, You can overcome your workload
  • Achieve your goals on time
  • Track your time
  • Easy to work with clients
  • No limitation of accessing tool
  • Easy to Analysis and Monitoring
  • Cost-Effective
  • Improve Project Efficiency

Conclusion: This is a small explanation of the bug tracking tool and the advantages of defect tracking tools…Thanks for reading this "Top Defects Tracking Tool By the Software Testing Experts" article I hope you will find your right answer here… For more good articles on software testing, you can reach out to us at** Testrig Technologies also**…

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