Top 10 Augmented & Virtual Reality Companies in USA & India

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality becomes the two major technology that has attained maximum trend in the modern digital world. Virtual Reality efficiently transposes User and it efficiently brings someone close. VR blocks entire room with closed visors or goggles. Augmented reality takes the current reality of adding something extra to the features. Top VR Companies & AR Companies are listed below:

List Top 10 Trusted Augmented & Virtual Reality Development Companies


Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development

iMOBDEV Technologies is one of the most reputed Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development Companies that keep up with the trending technologies. The dedicated programmers blend Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality seamlessly and integrate with your brand to provide amazing customer experience. They can assist you with 3D design, animation, motion capture and product presentation using AR and VR. Country: India, USA & UAE Clients: Marinanow, CariSwap & Shop, NuCiturs, RentBillow, LLC Experience: 7+ Video Tutorial : No

2. Zco Corporation

A Top-Tier AR & VR Development Company

Zco Corporation is one of the leading Augmented Reality App Development Companies that deploy high-end techniques to develop excellent AR visualizations. With the combination of creativity, research and innovation, they have been providing the best AR development services to their clients. Zco has immense experience with 3D animation and ensures that Enterprise Augmented Reality Platform development goes smoothly. Country: USA Clients: N/A Experience: 25+ Video Tutorial : Yes

3. Credencys

Best AR, VR & Wearable Application Development

Credencys has significant years of expertise and use the latest techniques to build an augmented reality app that fits the client’s requirements. They cling with the industry standard to provide the best solution to their clients, meeting their business goals and objectives. The dedicated professionals deploy proven methodologies and adopt a transparent working pattern to provide the most robust solution to the clients. Country: India Clients: N/A Experience: 5+ Video Tutorial : Yes

4. Creatiosoft

Best Augmented & Virtual Reality Game App Developer

Creatiosoft has been listed among top 10 augmented reality companies for its excellence in developing AR games. The professionals integrate graphics and other cutting-end techniques to build the state of the art Augmented Reality games, ensuring the best user-experience. The developers come up with innovative concepts and provide gaming solutions that go beyond your expectation. Country: India Clients: N/A Experience: 5+ Video Tutorial : Yes

5. Jugostudio

Futuristic Virtual Reality Development Companies

The top augmented reality companies like Juego Studios construct tweaked virtual reality arrangements that address particular necessities for your one of kind business needs. The augmented reality technology companies develop virtual reality applications that repeat real-world situations for immersive learning and preparing arrangements. Juego Studios has effectively made various virtual reality apps for stages. Country: India, USA, UAE & Saudi Arabia Clients: BGC Development, Blank Canvas, Samuel Wright Design & KPA Architects Experience: 5+ Video Tutorial : Yes

6. Grey Kernal

Best Virtual Reality App Development Company

Grey Kernel has been rated as one of the top 10 virtual reality companies that have been working on the futuristic mobile computing devices. With a strong foundation in 3D computer graphics programming and in-depth understanding of virtual reality technology, the developers excel in building innovative and effective Virtual reality apps, exactly meeting their clients’ needs and requirements. Country: India Clients: N/A Experience: 7+ Video Tutorial : Yes

7. YMediaLabs

A Leading Virtual Reality App Developer

Y Media Labs helps you create an augmented reality app and execute it for your marketing and advertising objectives. With years of experience in the app development industry, they are able to provide a complete range of services for AR app requirements. The developers nurture your ideas and provide ultimate yet affordable solution within a quick turnaround time. They also guarantee shortest-time execution and provide complete support till you attain your business goals. Country: India & USA Clients: N/A Experience: 7+ Video Tutorial : Yes

8. Merki

Build Best VR Mobile Application in Few Days

Meraki is a Virtual Reality development company that provides advanced VR services to individuals, brands and advertising agencies. They have the ability to enable magic and blend fresh contents to simulate a real life environment for education and training. Their VR products are designed with the objective of developing picturesque pretended environment for an interactive experience. Country: Germany Clients: N/A Experience: 10+ Video Tutorial : Yes

9. Citusbits

Top Most Virtual Reality Development Company

Citrusbits has been harnessing the power of technology to make an augmented reality app with real time innovations. The experts use cutting edge technology to provide ingenious, effective and innovative AR solutions to businesses of all streams. They develop highly interactive, engaging and captivating applications that can increase the interaction of your customers in the most effective ways. Country: USA Clients: Vice, Quiksilver & Flex Experience: N/A Video Tutorial : Yes

10. SolutionBuilt

Build Powerful a VR App

Cubicle Ninjas is a creative design company preoccupied with crafting visually compelling, honest and emotionally impactful work. This company stands top in the list of virtual reality companies and committed to offering passion and groundbreaking solutions for emotionally impactful works. Virtual Reality seems to be the most disruptive technology with the potential to highly impact entertainment, training, and education. The company has the privilege of partnering with best design partners of world’s leading brands.

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