1. Introduction UnitySteer

What does it do? UnitySteer contains a series of classes that help your game characters or vehicles maneuver around a scene: how to accelerate and for how long, how to turn depending on vehicle characteristics, how to act when avoiding obstacles or neighbors, how to keep a distance from other agents, or many other cases. Some of these behaviors are quite simple, but they can easily be combined to generate more complex vehicles. It builds upon OpenSteer and OpenSteerDotNet, but we have ported it completely to Unity, removing redundant classes and calling Unity methods wherever it’s appropriate. It has also been expanded so that the vehicle classes have an option for receiving a Transform or Rigidbody on initialization, which the vehicles can then affect directly, and has undergone refactoring on areas such as pathways.

  1. Details

During the port we have also expanded on the original vehicle examples, generalizing them when possible, and have added other functionality such as:

  • Vehicle tethering
  • Radar prefab for a trigger-based proximity detector
  • Prioritization of steering behaviors based on weighing
  • Integration with AngryAnt’s Path (http://angryant.com/path/) We currently have vehicles (along with their MonoBehaviours) for:
  • Flocking -Obstacle avoidance -Wandering -Pursuit -Chains of vehicles
  1. How to use

The firt, download it on github : https://github.com/ricardojmendez/UnitySteer http://arges-systems.com/blog/2011/04/18/unitysteer-how-are-you-using-it/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ULDER6zJnU

  1. Link some demo

Here are some webplayers of the library in action (they require the Unity 2.5.1 plugin):

Obligatory boid example : http://www.arges-systems.com/examples/36/unitysteer-boid-example

Obstacle avoidance: http://www.arges-systems.com/examples/38/unitysteer-obstacle-avoidance

Lightning bold built with particles, pursuing a wandering object http://www.arges-systems.com/examples/37/unitysteer-lightning-bolt-example

You can also see some Quicktime videos: How obstacle avoidance works behind the scenes (2.5mb) http://www.arges-systems.com/files/movies/Obstacles.mov Path following with basic neighbor avoidance (67mb) http://www.arges-systems.com/files/movies/Path+Neighbors.mov

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