Founding good, all right? Start-ups are booming and inspiring even long-established business leaders. Young, dynamic and highly innovative they mix the industry and show what is possible. But the dream of owning a business sometimes seems too good to be true. UNICUM has looked around the scene and introduces you to the five biggest startup myths.

THE MOST IMPORTANT FOUNDER RULE: JUST KEEP CALM! Start-ups are everywhere. Everyone is talking about one, working in one or just about to start one. At least that's what it feels like. It is beyond question how important new business models are for an evolving economy, but there are some unrealistic assumptions about what makes entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship necessary . If you deal with them, then it quickly becomes clear what it's all about: Back to life, back to reality! So, inhale, exhale, read and do better.

MYTH 1: REASONS ALWAYS IN THE TEAM Go through thick and thin, that's only in the duo . At least it takes more than one person to start your own business. Hard times can be shouldered more easily if there is an extra shoulder to lean on. Note the risk diversification and the divided debts. Is it even more romantic? REALITY CHECK:

Joint foundations can work well, but are far from a requirement for a successful start-up . While it is true that in difficult phases, a direct person offers advice, but that does not necessarily mean having to be your own business partner. Universities usually have their own Career Center to help with entrepreneurship issues, and Accelerator Programs are a great way to get the industry-internal support they need. The apparent advantage of risk spreading can also be viewed from a different perspective. Shared debts mean shared responsibility and complicate decision , especially when there is disagreement. Solo founders usually have an easier time here because they make the sole choice of how to do it in the end. IN SHORT: Stay realistic - and seek help from the right people.

MYTH 2: GIVE IT ALL OR NOTHING The plan is, the idea is the best you've ever had, and investment in the four-digit range could also be found. Now it can finally start right. So stop studying , chuck job and into the fast entrepreneur crowds . After all, it now takes all the focus for your own project. And you can live with the money for a while. Everything is easy! REALITY CHECK: There is a big difference between giving everything and giving up. The former describes a state of critical rudeness, the second refers to personal resilience and pertinence. Investing in the company is not there to use it for one's own life, but to use it sensibly and thoughtfully for the company. Even a degree can provide financial security : it guarantees an academic qualification that still exists even if the project "start-up" does not work out as presented at the beginning. And that can happen. And as for the job, the credo should be: Better a side job than no job!

IN SHORT: Do not risk everything and risk it.

MYTH 3: THE IDEA IS HALF THE WORK You have had many ideas, but this one, that is unbeatable and must be implemented easily. You are sure that you are one step ahead of everyone and that it does not yet exist in your head. Now only the right investor has to be found, to whom you then present your thoughts. Nothing can go wrong now. REALITY CHECK: Ideas are worthless if they are not realized. A lot of people have a lot of ideas, but they never kill. An idea is really only the beginning, because it takes so much more to be successful. Even investors can only be enthusiastic if you have something that is presentable, that has already been worked on. A strong idea is rarely enough reason to entrust someone with a huge amount of money . A strong personality with concrete plans and a solid strategy seems a lot more attractive. IN SHORT: Investors not only invest in ideas, but also in people.

MYTH 4: LAUNCH A PERFECT PRODUCT Sleepless nights, endless stress, the startup business is a celebration! But the time when you can finally go public with a mature idea has not come yet. After all, there are many things that can be improved, you do not want to embarrass yourself. And what should one say to the customer first, if he notices gaps in the system? REALITY CHECK: While it is perfectly understandable to want to offer a functional product that does its job, it would be unwise to put more time into perfecting it . This is especially true for software such as apps or programs. Because extra time also costs extra time and increases the risk of being outdated . Often, the user is a good source to find glitches and fix them in the next update. And so it goes step by step towards "flawless". IN SHORT: Make it easy!

MYTH 5: FAST MONEY IS WAITING FOR YOU The founding is only a while ago, but the business is running well and the bank account also writes black and white from time to time ? Congratulations, you are a born entrepreneur! The startup world is at your feet. Only you can feel this tingling sensation slowly in your fingers and can now hardly wait to realize the next idea. So sell fast! REALITY CHECK: The fact is: start-ups are a dime a dozen. While many have the same idea, but only different positions to address other audiences, there are only a few that stand out. Even then, the likelihood is that a buyer will come around the corner to buy the company. For that, the business must be profitable, or at least as promising, as to make that risk worthwhile. Until the day comes when people also want to buy company shares, it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of passion . Uncertainty will be a constant companion. And if many investors are on board, it is even more difficult. Keyword: consensus. IN SHORT: Reasons only if you are passionate about it, because the way to the sale is extremely rocky.

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