Run your Taxi Firm More Profitable and be on Top with a Branded Taxi App Solution

Conventional taxi firms are facing stiff competition from on-demand app-based taxi firms globally. To be honest, there is a huge competition even between online taxi booking firms. What is the way forward for conventional taxi firms? All they can do is to embrace technology and become an app-based business.

The main problem is to develop the best and optimum app for the firm and nowadays there are many app solution providers who have a prebuilt solution similar to Uber and Lyft. Uber clone script is the most widely used and popular prebuilt solution for taxi business.

New ones who have any idea to enter the taxi industry can enter as an online taxi booking firm. Who else is apt to enter the on-demand taxi industry.

  • Independent taxi owner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Existing business person but in another field

There are a lot of pros on using the app for the taxi business but here I have mentioned some that are unique to this business.

Reducing cost

Manpower required in a typical app-based taxi firm is less so, eventually, the cost reduces drastically. In simple words, your taxi firm can run on auto-pilot mode. Also, you need not own the cab instead you can partner with car owner and get a commission for each ride. This way you can avoid overheads like maintenance and management. If you have decided to use own fleet then, using a taxi dispatch software will be good for fleet management.

Widespread visibility

No wonder, when you have an app for your business, the reach will be so high that even you will be known outside your area of operation. Most app solution provides white label solutions so that you can use a separate logo and name for the app similar to Uber, Ola, and Lyft. You can create a brand of your own and can expand it to many places.

Quick ROI and higher profits

Not only you as the operator of this business gets benefitted. Both the drivers and customers will also be satisfied and benefitted from this model. The driver no longer needs to fight for extra commission. You can reach the break-even quickly. Since fewer costs are involved, you can earn more profits. This can be used to further improve the core business operations.

Easy adoption of technology

Earlier in a conventional taxi business, if you have to upgrade to any new technology, it is mostly physical and so the cost involved is very high. But, in the app-based taxi business, it is different. Most of the technological advancement is in terms of the software and if are using a Uber clone script then it is even more easy to upgrade. The benefit of this is quickly transferred to the customers and drivers.

The technology you use for app development plays an important role in terms of scalability and customization. Knowing the technology stack can help you to choose the right solution provider.

For mobile technologies: Xcode, Objective C, Swift, Android SDK, Java, Ionic, Flutter, React and Kotlin.

For Web technologies: CakePHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, and OpenCart.

For JavaScript Framework: AngularJS, Node.js, React, Jasmine and CoffeeScript.

For Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Golang, and PostgreSQL.

For UI/UX: Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, Sketch, CSS3, and Adobe Illustrator.

The process followed for app development from start to deployment comes next to the technology stack. The input during the development and customization can come from both the ends although not necessarily in terms of the technical side. Next, during deployment make sure the solution provider follows the below steps.

  • Verifying with the business plan
  • Payment integration
  • Server installation
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • App submission

What are the factors that affect the cost of a top taxi app solution?

A typical taxi app solution like Uber consists of driver app, customer app, and admin web panel.

The answer to how much is the cost of developing a taxi app is subjective. Factors like UI/UX design features added, the complexity of features, functionality, types of payments, etc influence the cost.

Selecting a suitable taxi app development company

If a company does the following things well then, you can align with that company without any second thought.

  • Customer service
  • Quicker adoption of latest technologies
  • Experience and reputation
  • Out of the box features and designs

Final say

All said, first start with the process of selecting the suitable taxi app development company. The solution maker must also give good post sales technical maintenance and updates. More important of all is that the taxi app solution must be white-labeled with complete source code. What I mean here is the pre-built taxi app. Using a pre-built app with a small tweak is cost-effective and have high scope for making quick changes.

Swiftly decide the apt app maker and run your taxi startup more profitable than the competitors.