Overhaul Your Taxi Business Operations by Implementing a Feature-Packed Taxi Dispatch Software

The traditional taxi industry is suffering in the hands of the giants like Ola, Lyft, etc. The traditional firms used an age-old manual dispatch system. This system is outdated and the failure to innovate cost them huge. Also, the app-based companies raised millions of dollars from external funding for the operation which gave them more advantage. Firms like Uber and Lyft have expanded their operations to many countries globally.

Another reason for their success is their less ownership model. Literally, the on-demand firms swept the traditional taxi business. But that is not the end of them.

Now there is a renewed chance for the traditional companies to revive with new energy. It is because of the advanced taxi dispatch system. The present taxi dispatch system is a combination of taxi booking and latest technologies like IoT, AI, etc.

So, traditional taxi businesses who are not able to fit inside the on-demand model can overhaul their business by using the latest taxi dispatch software.

In the latest taxi dispatch system, everything is app based and there is no room for error. There will be a dispatcher panel in addition to what is there in an on-demand system. Once the customer books a cab, the dispatcher panel releases a cab after the admin approval. Apart from these operations, maintenance, inspection, fuel, mileage, etc can also be managed.

10 things that make our dispatch solution stand out from others

Effortless sign-up process

With our outstanding UI/UX design and easy sign-up process, the registration becomes hassle-free. There is provision for remembering the password so that the user doesn’t need to enter the password each time.

Customer-centric cab booking process

  • Once the customer has registered, he/she can book a ride easily.
  • Gps feature to track location
  • Search bar to search for cabs in nearby location.
  • Select cab of different types

Ideal admin dashboard

Admin panel helps to establish a connection between the driver and the rider. Master admin panel can oversee all the transaction from behind. The admin panel is also loaded with the latest data analytics tools to get useful data.

Driver and passenger app

The driver and passenger app have out of the box UI/UX design. We have managed to design it in such a way as to be user-friendly for both the stakeholders.

GPS tracking

With GPS tracking, the rider can track the cab and the driver can use the GPS tracking to follow the route. An additional feature with GPS tracking is the estimated time of cab arrival. Integrated payment system

Apart from cash payment, the user can prefer e-wallet, debit/credit card, net banking, etc. to pay the fare. All kinds of digital payment gateway are available.

Trip cancellation

Both the driver and customer have the option to cancel the trip. If the driver is in a remote location or traffic congestion, he can cancel the trip.

Customer, driver review and rating

Once the ride is completed, the rider can rate the travel experience and review the driver’s attitude. In the same way the driver can rate the passenger based on his experience. There is a threshold for rider and driver ratings, one should maintain the rating above that.

Complete trip details for the user

Once the rider booked a cab, he will get the below details.

  • Current location of cab
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Name of driver
  • Make and color of the car
  • Contact details of the driver
  • Flexible booking option

The customer can book a ride for now or for any other future dates. This feature is beneficial for those who want to do pre-booking without any hassles. As said earlier, the user can also choose the type of car he wants to travel.

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