How to Choose the Right Logistics Delivery Management Software?

Similar to several other businesses, logistics and transport businesses are in the lookout for top-notch logistics management tools. Of course, there are quite a lot of options available in the modern world, but selecting the most optimal and viable software solution may prove tricky to fleet owners and entrepreneurs in the delivery business. Software solutions offer great choice and scope; it requires diligently understanding and picking the right one. The ideal solution must have useful and robust features that are in line with your business processes and specific requirements. It has to offer business owners complete control over delivery management.

Key Features Required in Logistics Management Software

**Driver and Vehicle Tracker: **

Fleet owners can attain peace of mind when they are able to know exactly the details about their vehicles and drivers at any given point of time – getting notified of every move of your vehicle and driver is made possible, thanks to the GPS in logistics application software.

Regular Log Record of Drivers:

The feature that sends driver’s log automatically eases the pain of your driver while empowering you to efficiently handle tasks such as checking number of trips, hours of performance, client reviews, and deliveries made, along with time.

**Assigning Order to the Nearest Driver: **

In the event of having several immediate orders that need to be managed urgently, the automatic order dispatch feature in your delivery management software helps you to assign the order to the nearest driver, thus avoiding delay.

Order Pick Up by Drivers:

This feature in the logistics management software allows your drivers to choose orders according to their convenience.

Vehicle Inspection:

With this innovative functionality, fleet owners can access information about their vehicles such as distance covered, mileage, and details of rash driving, if any. Maintenance needs and repair details will be notified, along with fuel and pressure check as well as brakes and other essential data.

Nearby Filling Station or Garage Identification:

Getting mechanic help and the ability to locate the nearest gas station are of immense help to drivers.... *To know more at source url *: https://goo.gl/6RLo5h

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