How To Adopt DevOps in your Organization

While Scaling up the Business and working with remote teams with a different skill set and culture, I realize the need of processes and automation to improve the productivity and collaboration.

At growth Stage, with 3+ Years experience of delivering more than 55 projects in various domains for Startups and Enterprises including -

  • Mobility

  • Big Data

  • Internet of Things

  • Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Problems Faced By Developers & Operations Team

  • Ownership Issues during Deployment

  • Fewer and Slow Releases

  • Flat Access Control and Security

  • Revision Control

  • Scaling Up Resources For Application Stack

  • Manual Processes Involved in Delivery Pipeline

  • Isolated Declaration of Dependencies

  • Single Configuration for Multiple Deployments

  • Manual Testing Results Into Slower Release

  • Shared Backing Services

Lean Start To DevOps Adoption

We Started transformation towards DevOps Strategy by adopting processes like Integration of DevOps Tools, Processes and Data into our work Culture. Parallelly, We Started adopting different Infrastructure architectures, Building Private Cloud, Docker, Apache Mesos, and Kubernetes.

Initial Steps To Implement DevOps

  • Enforcing Rules with the help of right tools - Agile board integration with SCM, Build Tool and Deployment Tool

  • Collaboration Tools - Rocket Chat Integration with Taiga, GitLab, Jenkins

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Explicit Dependency Management

  • Automated Testing

  • Hands-On Training

We started by creating two separate teams from existing pool of developers to adopt DevOps culture for new Projects in Big Data and Mobile Applications. After Initial hurdles in adaptation to Collaboration Tools and new delivery pipeline, results came out were extraordinary.

Results After Initial Phase

  • Improved Performance & Productivity

  • Less Manual Work

  • Better Collaboration and Communication

  • Developers Getting more Empowered and Involved in Delivery

  • Proper Dependency and Configuration Management

Challenges To DevOps Adoption

  • Cultural Shift in the way Things were being developed

  • Changing Mindset for Adaptation.

  • Support for Legacy Environments

  • Integrating Security and Compliance on new Setup

  • No support for Overlay Networks

Overall Results of DevOps Adoption

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