Don’t Miss to Consider ,These 3 Powerful Features Before Developing Healthcare App in 2020

“93% of doctors believe that healthcare apps can improve patients’ health by 6x times.”

Thanks to the healthcare app providers in the sophistication of mobile technology to monitor, diagnose and treat patients with better care.

It’s more about mobile technology and healthcare - let’s put it as mHealth or Healthcare Apps.

Before starting with, let me remind you the number healthcare apps in the top App Store, there are around 318,000 mhealth apps available in the market.

So with 318,000 healthcare apps in the app store, how can you make your healthcare app standout in the crowd.

The vision of every healthcare app is to connect doctors and patients irrespective of time and place.

Although some great healthcare apps are providing the finest needs for a patient to approach doctor right from appointments, scheduling, reminders, booking tests to payment, it’s essence isn’t truly experienced by the patients or either by doctors.

“75% of visits to the doctor, emergency rooms and urgent cares are either unnecessary or could have been handled via video calls or voice calls.”

Apart from the regular features and benefits that every healthcare app developer and appointment app owner focusing, there are certain straightforward reasons why the usage of the healthcare apps will get shrunk.

  • Patients want everything in one place; right from appointments, consultation, finding doctors geographically, they want to feel more connected with the healthcare providers.
  • Instead of waiting in the crowded waiting room for hours, patients demand instant and on-demand solutions.
  • Doctors and medical professionals want something efficient to save money spent by patients on traveling to visiting doctors at different locations.
  • Medical professionals and doctors would afford to take a break from their hospitals’ duties for a few hours to share their knowledge with medical students across the world.

So you just found what a patient really needs from a healthcare app to turn into a patient-centric app.

Considering Things Beyond Appointments, Consultations That a Healthcare App Must Possess

Considering a real-time conversation is a must

Just think beyond a clean interface UX design or appointments that patients would love. The key is to create a bridge between doctor and patient that enables doctors to provide the utmost care. A solution like a video call with doctors or medical professionals is the significant functionality that patients would really wish to have in their mHealth or healthcare app.

Doctor on-demand has evolved across the world which benefits patients and doctors as well. Considerably it reduces the travel cost, remote support and enhances the connectivity between doctors and patients.

Apps Must Fulfill the Need of VoIP Calls over Traditional Telephonic Calls

“75% of doctor visits can be handled by voice chat”

Although most of the doctor consultation apps offer to schedule the doctor-patient visits, but they fail to understand that patients really need to visit. On-demand service and solutions have been the trend that an efficient voice call would make a huge impact on healthcare expenses.

Healthcare app development companies must pay attention to welcoming a better way to increase patient care and the worthiness of their apps. Accessing patients to call doctors from app to any carrier network is the highest degree of a feature that a healthcare app could afford to patients with their apps.

Smaller feature creates the Bigger Impact

Even though the real-time chat functionality is available in most of the healthcare apps, but the availability of sharing documents, images, x-rays, medical records to doctors within the same chat screen is a never-achievable to patients. Maintaining the healthcare app with conventional features isn’t going to help you drive engagement or revenue.

Summing Up

The ways how a consumer thinks about his(or)her needs have totally changed into something that totally on-demand. The same story scenario applies in the healthcare apps, the more you provide on-demand service, the more your business evolve.

The healthcare app development companies must understand the fact that a conventional healthcare app is no longer necessary as once they were, the healthcare market is evolving likewise the consumers except a healthcare app. Upgrading the healthcare consultation apps with voice, video and sharing features with the help of In-app Messaging API which is the ideal point to stay one-step higher in the apps market.

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