Terms of service

Article 1 (Introduction)

Viblo is the product provided by Sun* Inc. Viblo is a platform to promote the technical sharing as well as promote Vietnamese IT engineer community to improve their technical capabilities.

  1. The following is "Terms of Use" part. When you use Viblo means you agree to these Terms of Service (below referred to "the Terms of Use").
  2. These Terms of Use are the conditions relating to the use of Viblo (below referred to "This Service"), the product is provided by Sun* Inc (below referred to "Our Company"). It defines the relationship between customers using the service (below referred to "User") with the Company.
  3. By using Viblo you accept our Terms of Use and agree to abide by them.
  4. We reserves the right to update the Terms of Use time to time without notice to you Users. The most current version of these Terms is assumed to be applied in preference to all earlier versions, and the posted on this service is valid.

Article 2 (Service Registration)

  1. Access to the Service is only available to registered users, so persons who would like to use the Service must choose an ID and Password to register accounts
  2. When you register to use this Service, you must provide us some information required by our Company. You must agree with the following conditions which are related to User personal profile
  3. After register personal profile, you must ensure that your personal profile is completed, accurate and newest all time. If there is any change in the personal profile part of the service, you must carry out the changed precedure in your own account provided by the Service. If your personal profile is not accurate, we reserve the right to disallow or suspend your capacity without any prior notice.
  4. If User capacity is disallowed in this Service but that User ID is still used in other services offered by our Company then the capacity in those services will be cancelled also

Article 3 (Definitions of Users and Registration)

  1. Users of this service including registered users and visitors.
  2. Registered users are persons who have filled the required information into register form and got the acceptance from our company. Registered users also including the persons use external authentication services accepted by our company such as: Facebook...
  3. Visitors are the persons just view, have not registered account as mentioned above and just use permitted services

Article 4 (Username and Password)

  1. Registered user gets own account with ID and password to sign in. User takes responsibility to manage own ID and passwod.
  2. The action to sign in by User's ID and password is deemed to be done by that ID's owner
  3. Each registered user just own only one account, except for some special cases permitted by our company
  4. To get an User ID and password, the email address and profile must be accurate and legal
  5. Users are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of own password and account, may not lend or transfer at any manner
  6. If User ID or password is lost or stolen, or if you believe that your account has been accessed by unauthorized third parties, you are advised to notify our company immediately. We will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.
  7. If you register account in this service by external services ID, all related to ID and others of those external services must abide by rules required by those. Our company will not be liable for that

Article 5 (Cancellation of User Crendtial)

  1. We may cancel User Credential in some following cases

    (1) Registered information is not accurate

    (2) User ID and password are used unjustly

    (3) Use information supplied by this Service unjustly

    (4) User capacity are cancelled in services offered by our company where you use ID and password registered in this Service

    (5) Have any action contrary to these Terms of Use

    (6) Besides, when our company found that User is not suitable to use this Service

  2. If User Credential is disallowed in this Service but that User ID is still used in other services offered by our Company then the capacity in those services will be cancelled also

Article 6 (Privacy)

Our company need to obtain the minimum information of the users to provide this service. We attach special importance to User profile security

Article 7 (Prohibitions)

  1. Users of this service are not allowed to perform the behavior which is unlawful as follows:

    (1) Action of harming the intellectual property rights, copyright, patent...

    (2) Action of harming the privacy

    (3) Action of libel,offence, or obstructing the others work

    (4) Action of fraud

    (5) In addition, criminal acts, or acts contrary to the laws

  2. Users of this service are not allowed to perform the behavior which is not consistent with social norms as follows:

    (1) Action notice crime, criminal guidelines, or the action is likely to lead to crime.

    (2) Action of racism, the discrimination of ethnicity, religion, gender, social background, place of residence, appearance characteristics, disease, education, assets or income...

    (3) Action vulgar. Acts posting content causes aversion. The act of publishing content related to pornography, prostitution issues...

    (4) Action of causing inconvenience, discomfort with others, acts of defamation. Act of damages to other's spirit or finance without proper authority.

    (5) Action of using the name of other people or company, organizations. Using the name of others illegally, using the unreal name or forging partnership relationship with other people, companies and organizations.

    (6) Forgery others to use the service, distort information.

    (7) The other acts contrary to social morality and public order.

  3. Users of this service are not allowed to perform the behavior which is not consistent with using the Service as follows:

    (1) Action of advertising, propagation for commercial purpose. However, in some special cased with our company permission, this can be done

    (2) Action of sharing User ID. One person own more than one account without our company permission or with our company permission but having more accounts than the allowed number

    (3) Action of using User ID for causing the uncomforting or misunderstanding for others. Action of using User ID resembling to the name of famous companies or organization or even the products which are known by our company and many other people

    (4) Action of collecting, stealing, storing, editing and using of personal information. Action of changing your own personal information and your own user information unjustly

    (5) Action of hiding the basic components of service as Header, Footer, advertising, or other Copyright symbolst... without the permission of our company

    (6) Action of trading or transferring services without the agreement of our company.

  4. Apart from what is listed above, the users are not permitted to perform the actions our company consider to be inappropriate

Article 8 (Handling of Contents Posted by Users)

  1. Users must ensure and demonstrate clearly that the data in text form such as posts, comments, public personal information, or personal introduction , or the data attached to the text form as images, audio files, video (below referred collectively as the post) which is self- uploaded is your legal rights with them , and not limited to infringe the rights of third persons.
  2. The user authorizes our company reserves the right to use the posts (for processing, storing, editing, authorizing to third parties or the right to other users...). The scope of giving our company the right to use the posts including that our company allows other users to use the post via the service. In particular, the post relating to programming, such as source code which is uploaded by users, are allowing to be used by other users, regardless of whether it is related to trade or not, and any user may use it. Therefore, users can use the methods which are defined by our company for editing, restoration the post of other users. But in cases of source code is written clearly with the License, it is required to comply with the content of this License
  3. Regarding the using authority mentioned in the previous section, if no problems copyright displaying duty or associated conditions or the limitations on geographic location, the right of use which the user assigned to our company is extended the deadline until after the user has been stripped, taking effect as long as the ownership of intellectual property the post is maintained
  4. Our company or a third-party which our company entrusted can put the post on the website of our company or third parties. In that case we will be able to perform some actions as abstracting, citations, resizing, or removal of part of the post. In addition, users also recognized that in case we use the posts, we may show the user ID, or the registration information of the user at the time that the user uploads the posts.
  5. Our company is not completely responsible for the damages incurred for the user during the process the company, other users, or third party uses the posts.
  6. Our company has the right of freedom storing the posts. In case of needed, we do not need the agreement of the person posting but can still edit or delete the posts. Users must not have any complaints about this issue.

Article 9 (Handling of Users Information)

About the information inputted by the user at registration stage, but have no effect in determining who the user is, base on our company decision, we can be free to use or display to the third party

Article 10 (External Services)

  1. This service can be connected with other external services such as Facebook, GitHub, although a user will be responsible on his own. We will not take any responsibilities if something was to happen to the user during usage of said services.
  2. Users in the use of external services must comply with the rules of use of external services
  3. User agrees that in the case the user agree, the upload posts or other sharing information will be posted to the external service. Besides, we are not obligated to perform the deletion of the post which is posted to the external service.

Article 11 (Changing or Termination of Service)

  1. Our company can change the contents of the service without prior notice to users. Users must agree with that. Even in case of the changes brings non-benefit things, or harm to the user, we do not take any responsibility for it.
  2. Our Company may suspend or cancel the service after notice to the user for a period of at least 10 days. The suspension, or cancellation of service is noticed on this website, and after doing that full procedure, in the case we pause or cancel the service, we will absolutely not assume any liability for compensation to the user.

Article 12 (Termination of Service from Users)

  1. No matter what reasons, the user has the right to end the use of the service. In that case, the user must follow the procedures that we offer, to deliver it to us.
  2. Please note that even when the users make complaints to our company about the sections of the terms of use or the changes which the users consider to be unusual in the terms of use, it is only effective when the user has stopped using the service

Article 13 (Handling after Ending the Contract)

Our company has the right to use the content of the posts along with user registered information, and the terms of 8 and 9 remain in effect even if the service status of the user is cancelled for any reason, or cancel the service or in the case the user is no longer using this service.

Article 14 (Questionnaire)

Our company may send the survey to users email. In addition, we have the right to send to the user (including external links) the advertising information or products and services provided by the third party (called [additional information]). Further, supplementary information exchange is carried out based on the user's responsibility, we have no obligation to be responsible for the exchange with the user, based on the contents of the additional information

Article 15 (Analysis and Advertisements)

  1. Our company collects anonymous usage information based on the cookies to serve the research trend of user activity on the service.
  2. Our company may allow to display advertisement based on the provisions of each part of this clause on the services and users will have to accept this before.

Article 16 (Ownership and copyright)

  1. You retain ownership of all content that you post to our services.
  2. You agree and undertake to be responsible for copyright issues with respect to content that you post to our service.
  3. We retain the ownership of the software, service, and information in this service. If without any other agreement in writing, email, or through the functions of the service, you agree to give us the right to distribute, modify, adjust, publish, build upon on your content, royalty-free, and use for any purpose.
  4. All software used by this service including trade secrets and property rights is protected by laws related to intellectual property rights.

Article 17 (Refusal of Responsibility)

  1. The user must explicitly agree to the use of this service based on their own responsibility. We offer this service to the conditions [the scope may apply] and [actual circumstances

  2. Our company is absolutely not responsible for the content below.

    (1) The contents of this service bring benefits or meet the demand of users

    (2) The accuracy and appropriateness of the user post on this service

    (3) The interruption, suspension or cancellation the activities of this service

    (4) This service is provided on time

    (5) The safety of services

    (6) There will not generating any errors in the service

    (7) The information collected from users of this service is accurate, legal, suitable with the habits and customs, ensuring the latest, and appropriateness or can be trusted

    (8) The services may be flawed

    (9) The action that users use the service to meet personal purpose

    (10) There is no loss on the post content or information posted by registered users through this service

  3. Our company is not responsible for any problems when users use the service with their personal responsibilities that have arisen out of or related to the loss of data on the communication device such as computers

  4. Our company is not responsible for whether there is an user action using this service to serve the specific purpose of the user (including the commercial purpose as well as other purposes) or not.

  5. Our company is not responsible for transactions involving the service and the service users or goods which is collected or is bought by using the functionality of this service.

Article 18 (Changing Terms)

These terms of use may change time to time depending on our company situation. When we make any updates to these Terms of Use, we wil notify this fact on this Website or in other ways. After our notificaion, if User still use this Service or do not stop using the service in the period of time based on term [12], it is concluded that User agrees with those updates.

Article 19 (Appendix)

  1. The effect of this terms & conditions is applied from the moment which the service is official in use
  2. Individuals who have agreed to the terms & conditions are deemed to have agreed to the terms before.
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