What are the types of Software Testing models

Software testing is the internal and most important part of the development life cycle just like the development process software testing also has some testing models which come with its own advantages and disadvantages. as a leading android app testing company, In this article, we are going to discuss some top 4 software, testing models.

What are the Different Software Testing Models:

  1. Waterfall Model
  2. V Model
  3. Agile Model
  4. Spiral Model
  5. Rational Unified Process
  6. Rapid application development

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  1. Waterfall Model This model is the simplest of all the models, and therefore, more common among software developers and testers in the industry. The waterfall model is based on a sequence of stages of development that has to be completed before reaching the final goal.
  2. V Model Largely regarded as an upgrade on the waterfall model, the design is in the form of a V (downhill and uphill). In the V model both software development and testing are executed simultaneously, every unit is tested until the final compilation stage.
  3. Agile Model The agile model is designed on the foundation of adaptability. This model is highly suited for complex projects where various teams have to work together.
  4. Spiral Model The Spiral model is similar to the Agile model in its flexibility but pays special attention to risk analysis. The model has four stages which are planning, risk analysis, engineering, and evaluation.
  5. Rational Unified Process This model also has four different phases, which are organized into several separate iterations. 6.Rapid application development The rapid application development model is also called a RAD model.it is another most important type of agile development

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