What are the differences between variables created using let, var or const?



  • If a variable is created inside a function, it is scoped to the function
  • If a variable is created outside of any function, it is scoped to the global object

let & const

  • let and const are block scoped
  • let and const are only accessible within the nearest set of curly braces (function, if-else block, or for-loop)


  • Javascirpt hoisting: move all declarations to the top of the current scope (current script/current function), so a variable can be used before it has been declared.
  • var allows variables to be hoisted
  • let and const will NOT allow hoisted


  • redeclaring a variable with var will NOT throw an error
  • redeclaring a variable with let or const will throw an error


  • let allows assigning the variable's value
  • const does NOT allow assigning the variable's value


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