Top Web Development Technologies and Frameworks

Are you looking forward to staying abreast with the latest web development technologies? Most customers are no longer impressed with a simple online presence of a web application.

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Knowing the newest web app technologies is crucial for the growth of your business. Otherwise, your brand could be dismissed quickly, and customers shift to the next competitive brand.

Top Web App Development Technologies and Frameworks

You should aim to develop interactive web applications with the latest tools and technology to remain relevant in the market. Below are some of the best web application technologies.


Symfony is a web application that was initially developed by a Frenchman called Fabien Potencier. His web development agency called Sensio Labs supported this project. This is a web application with a set of reusable PHP modules.

The reason why you might love Symfony is that it has all the features needed for a web application development. It offers excellent documentation and has many plug-ins to speed up your creation of web applications.

Its open-source components are free to use, and you will also get standardized tools from its library. You can use the tools in various projects and avoid tiresome, repetitive tasks. Its Model-View-Controller Design pattern makes everyone’s work clear while working as a team.

If you have projects with high complexity, this is the best technology to use. You can use it to build web apps that can change according to the change in your business requirements. Symfony community has over 600,000 developers from different countries.

Ruby on Rails

Are you planning to build a modern web application but don’t know where to start. You would be thrilled to use Ruby on Rails. It has all the components you need for impressive website applications.

It has a framework that offers developers a time-saving way for writing code. It is a collection of code libraries that gives developers solutions to repetitive tasks. Ruby and Rails was launched in 2005 and is free to use.

This technology runs on Linux and gets you to work on your planning and development stage quickly. The Ruby and Rails are quite different from other web applications.


Here is another popular web application technology that comes from Google. Initially, this was launched as a Java script open-source framework which makes it possible to make a lightweight blazingly fast single-page web applications with a model-view-controller.

Angular has eight versions till the time of writing this article. Angular 1 and Angular 2 were based on JavaScript and thereafter it was switched to typescript. The immense popularity and thorough open-source web development have made Angular a highly sophisticated web development framework. At the end of 2018, PrimeNG was launched where they have provided an open-source angular library with almost every component which is required to build a web application. This kind of support by PrimeNG, Bootstrap and material has marginally ramped up the speed of design and development of web applications.

Article Source: https://www.decipherzone.com/blog-detail/Top-Web-Development-Technologies-and-Frameworks

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