Top Trends going to Impact iOS Application Development in 2019

The latest version of iOS 12.1.4 was released last week. Apple has fixed a security flaw of Group FaceTime in this version. Well, we are not going to discuss it! What is noteworthy is the fact that the Cupertino Company Apple is committed to providing seamless performance to the iOS device users. Since the release of the first version as iPhone OS in the year 2007, Apple has kept the iPhone and iPad users in mind.

Today, iOS has many useful and innovative features for both individuals and enterprises. Every year, Apple brings a newer and improved version of iOS that boost the iOS app development services. People’s growing reliance on iOS devices for daily tasks and entrepreneurs’ increasing interest in developing an iOS mobile application are two major reasons why iOS app development is on a steady rise.

However, it is getting increasingly difficult for any newcomer to make their app successful as Apple’s App Store is surging with over 2 million apps. People can readily find multiple options across various genres. In such a competitive scenario, the following iOS app development trends can remain helpful for entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve. Here we go through a few of the top trends to watch in the year 2019 and beyond.

Augmented Reality-based apps

AR is not limited to games. How about integrating this revolutionary technology in your next iOS business app? Well, the iOS app developers can enable you to offer a wonderful and immersive experience with the help of ARKit2. This next-gen AR platform was also launched with iOS 12. A few of the amazing features like 3D object detection support, realistic rendering, and an improved face tracking make ARKit2 more powerful than its predecessor.

Both AR and VR have unlimited potential for the business world. The ARKit is Apple’s first step toward leveraging the AR technology for taking businesses to the next level while attracting more people toward the brand or products.

IoT Integration

Statista has predicted that the number of IoT devices will cross the number 31 billion by 2020 and 75 billion by 2025. Both Android and iOS platforms facilitate app developers to come up with IoT-based apps. The latest move of Apple in this direction is HomeKit. It enables users to control and communicate with connected devices at home.

The next level of IoT-enabled apps will be for enterprises. Soon, the iOS apps will fulfill the enterprise IoT requirements on the move. As the popularity of IoT is surging in the corporate sector, the iOS app developers will certainly grab the opportunities given by the businesses globally.

Advent of Sirikit

Siri has brought revolutionary change in the personal assistant. Siri now provides integration to third-party iOS apps in iOS 12. In other words, the iOS app developers will utilize the advanced Siri to enable the app users to do different functions with ease. We also expect that Sirikit will record a sharp growth in two years. Automatic suggestions based on the user’s motion and location are the most anticipated functionality of Sirikit.

It is interesting to see how the app developers integrate Siri in the business apps to simplify the complex business processes and address various needs of the app users.

Focus on ML

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are among the most popular emerging technologies. Software giants like Apple and Google work on making them mainstreamed. Apple has introduced CoreML (Core Machine Learning) framework for accomplishing this objective, which has started gaining ground globally.

The iOS app developers can make intelligent and responsive apps by using the newer version Core ML 2. It enables the iOS app developers to utilize quantization thereby reducing the size of ML models significantly.

In the coming time, we can expect that ML will become a norm for a custom iPhone app development. Tech-savvy users of iOS devices will accept and acclaim ML-based apps.

Addition of Apple Pay

Apple’s digital mobile wallet Apple Pay has already crossed the boundaries of countries. It facilitates the iOS users to make online payments in a large part of the world. Apple Pay now supports all the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBooks. Once the iOS app developers integrate Apple Pay in any app, the app users can utilize this secure wallet.

Apart from other payment-related features, Apple Pay can give your business app an edge. Both iPhone and iPad users will appreciate in-built Apple Pay in your app.

Meeting Security Concerns

Every year, the iOS version comes with improved data security features. It is of utmost importance for the iOS app developers to deal with growing security concerns amid increasing instances of data theft and cyber attacks.

IOS has a slight upper hand over Android in data security because of a closed loop of devices. In the coming time, we can certainly expect that Apple will keep on bringing new features to strengthen app security and protect the privacy of app users.

The iOS mobile application development company will also remain updated with security-related features and functionality to meet the security-related necessities more effectively.

Cloud-based Apps

Last but not least. Enterprises deal with a plethora of data on a daily basis. Seamless storage and access of data can be a game changer for the modern business. The cloud technology makes it possible. It is fair to mention that in the coming time, most of the iOS business apps will be based on the cloud.

A few of the obvious benefits of cloud-based apps are- reduction in hosting cost, scalable storage, and quick access. The app users can readily monitor and access the data on the move thanks to the cloud. Top app development companies have already started developing cloud-based apps.

If you want a next-gen iOS app for your company, these tips will remain handy for you. It is advisable to hire iOS app developers from a reputed and reliable company to integrate these trends into your enterprise app. Also, you can consider certain tips while opting for a customized iOS application for your company

In a Nutshell

IOS is evolving every year. The custom iPad app development and iPhone app development process also grows in line with it. However, these major trends are going to rule the development process for a long time.

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