Top 13+ Grocery Marketplace Platforms to Build Successful Online Supermarket Grocery Store

The pandemic has confined all of us to stay at home. Many businesses have been shut down and all their functions are temporarily suspended. Only a few businesses were able to survive in this lockdown period. One of which is the online grocery ecommerce platform. People place orders through grocery ecommerce software and they get their groceries at their doorstep. This shows the importance of developing an online grocery ecommerce platform.

  • The eMarketers has estimated that the online grocery platform will make business to $38.16 billion by the end of 2021.

  • There is an estimation that by 2025 around 60% of the US will prefer only online grocery platforms to buy their groceries.

  • By the year 2019, the online grocery sale was $28.68billion in the US and it is estimated to reach $59.5 billion by 2023.

  • All these statistical reports clearly state that the online grocery platforms are going to have an exponential growth in coming days. So this is the right time to start an online grocery platform and get more returns.

Major benefits of using a Grocery ecommerce

  • Variety of products – every grocery ecommerce platform will have multiple grocers being attached to the platform. This will give the buyers to have more options in selecting the products they want to have.
  • Flexible delivery options – most of the grocery software will have same day delivery and also they will give you options to set your convenient delivery date and time. This will give you complete flexibility while ordering the product through grocery ecommerce platform.
  • Easy returns – If we want to return the product when we are not satisfied with its quality then the returning process is quite simple and easy.
  • Quick price comparison – since every grocery ecommerce platform will have numerous grocers we can easily compare the products and their pricing. This is possible only when you purchase online.
  • Deals and offers – This will benefit the buyers and the buyer can select the online grocery platform that gives the best offer in the market.

Here are Top 10 Grocery Ecommerce Platforms to Start your Own Online Grocery eCommerce Store

1. Zielcommerce - A Versatile Grocery ecommerce Solution with incredible features.

Zielcommerce is whitelabel grocery ecommerce solutions that suits all types and sizes of businesses. It supports you to uplift your sales of groceries and gives you a complete control over inventory and order management. This software allows you to 100% customizable and it is also scalable. Attract more visitors with the phenomenal UI/UX and eye-catching product pages that leverage your business with this grocery ecommerce platform.

Platform Highlights

It comes with one-time payment online grocery store software. There are no hidden costs with this platform and you can own the software with one payment. The merchandise license provides you with the life of this most expensive and profitable online marketplace app with a single payment.

The in-built social media integration and SEO optimization will let your online grocery platform get higher visibility. So the software has all impressive and essential features that every buyer would like to experience in your platform. This solution will act as a business booster and can leverage your revenue effectively.

The significant features of this online grocery ecommerce platform.

  • Sync features will allow you to manage multiple stores at a time.
  • Simple and affordable one-time pricing.
  • Improved billing speed through Barcode scanning & MRP billing
  • Delight your users through the mobile app that supports android and IOS.
  • Avail multiple payment modes and online banking options.
  • Delight your customers with easy checkout process
  • Allow your customers to track their orders in real-time

Explore Zielcommerce Online Grocery Solutions

2. 3D Cart – A Legit grocery ecommerce software

3Dcart has better understanding of the consumers’ demand and all features are well-integrated to make it a trusted grocery ecommerce software. People rely more on the payment gateways that are integrated with the online grocery ecommerce platform. 3Dcart has secured payment gateways and customers can easily pay online and purchase the products.

Platform Highlights

It Includes improved customer service through responsive and mobile-ready websites. Most responsive themes are free. 3.Dcart has a secure payment gateway and its services are highly integrated, making it a reliable grocery ecommerce software.

This grocery ecommerce software allows the grocers to have a hassle-free inventory management and the admin can rely well on the logistics that is being integrated with this online grocery ecommerce platform. Since the grocery ecommerce platform is completely SEO optimized, selling products through this software will be easy as it will easily get ranked in all search engines

The salient features of this online grocery ecommerce platform

  • Secure and fully PCI compliant
  • Mobile friendly grocery ecommerce software
  • Completely customizable grocery ecommerce solution.
  • Social media integrated online grocery ecommerce platform.
  • Purely adaptable grocery ecommerce software to any type of business model
  • Secured web hosting and free domain registration.

Explore 3Dcart online grocery store software

3. Nopcommerce – A notable online grocery marketplace platform

This grocery ecommerce software will let you reconcile all bank transactions and you will be able to generate more than 1000’s of reports. It is also an open source grocery ecommerce solution that is perfectly scalable and easily customizable. This online grocery ecommerce platform aims for global coverage and has all required features developed with it. Buyers from all over the world can access this grocery ecommerce platform and buy products.

Platform Highlights

Nopcommerce is a fully scalable and easy-to-customize open source grocery ecommerce solution. it focuses on worldwide inclusion and has all necessary highlights created with it. This huge e-commerce trading platform supports multiple languages and currencies and allows for worldwide transactions. Meet all security requirements for any type of business

This grocery ecommerce software supports multi-language and multi-currencies and allows global transactions. The dedicated development team has developed this grocery ecommerce platform error-free and even a non-technical person can easily handle this grocery ecommerce software without any difficulties.

The important features of this online grocery ecommerce store software

  • This online grocery platform supports for rentals and also downloadable items.
  • Enriched with an item comparison tool.
  • Can easily handle multiple stores with single admin.
  • Advanced and quick payment processing system.
  • This grocery e-commerce software is completely SEO optimized
  • Advanced shopping cart features.

Explore Nopcommerce grocery ecommerce software

4. Volusion – a recommended grocery ecommerce platform

Volusion is a successful online grocery ecommerce platform that is trusted by more than 180000 entrepreneurs. This grocery ecommerce software has provided better returns and has gained credibility among its customers. The grocery ecommerce software is completely built with all challenging features that make this software to stand out in the market all allowing you to increase your overall turnover.

Platform Highlights

Volusion allows customers to enjoy a simple payment system with its online grocery ecommerce solution. It offers custom themes, domains, professional features and more to its customers. The attractive site, simple ordering system, complete payment process and many other products makes it easy to get started.

Volusion allows its customers to enjoy an easy checkout process with its online grocery ecommerce platform. People may not get irritated with it by going through the checkout process. This grocery ecommerce platform is a user-friendly platform that allows both the buyers as well as the sellers to work easily. This online grocery platform has more than 100+ themes that allow the users to change the outer view of the platform according to their business theme.

The key features of this grocery ecommerce software

  • Integrates well with third-party platforms
  • More than 50 payment gateways have been processed with this online grocery ecommerce platform.
  • Smart watch and mobile features are enabled in this grocery ecommerce platform
  • The grocery ecommerce software is protected with SSL certificate
  • The automatic tax calculation will let the vendors do the order processing easily.
  • Advanced marketing tools are made as built-in features in this online grocery ecommerce platform.

Explore Volusion online grocery platform

5. Squarespace – a unique grocery ecommerce platform

Squarespace is a cloud-based online grocery platform that delivers a seamless grocery shopping experience. This grocery marketplace software is designed to manage and help business needs and build the customers’ trust on your company. The grocery ecommerce platform comes with a built-in content editor that will help the admin to edit text whenever needed. Users can create their custom page and can insert the functionalities that are required for your online grocery ecommerce platform

Platform Highlights

This is an online business system that offers a cloud-based at low cost consumer products. Users can create custom pages and enter features. Help connect with other third-party stores and turn each account level into a single transaction. This simplifies the problem of storing account data for all transactions

Squarespace supports the enterprises to handle the customers’ accounts and can easily monitor the purchase history and utilize their contact information for their marketing campaigns. This grocery ecommerce solution helps to integrate with other third-party POS and unite all the accounting processes into a single function. This will reduce the complication in maintaining the accounting details of the overall transaction that takes place within the online grocery ecommerce platform.

The highlights of this online grocery ecommerce store software

  • No transaction or any hidden fee for installing this grocery marketplace software
  • Simple multi-store management
  • High data security
  • Transparent and well-structured coding.
  • Instant push notification on every order confirmation and payment transaction
  • Easy pairing of checkout counters with mobile POS.

Explore Squarespace online grocery shopping software

6. Mercatus – the best grocery ecommerce platform

Mercatus has everything to build your online grocery ecommerce platform. Let your users experience comprehensive payment processing and make them feel secure about each transaction they make with your grocery ecommerce platform.

Platform Highlights

Mercatus is a well built grocery marketplace platform that makes it easy for mainstream users of a simple payment system and gives customers peace of mind about any transactions they may have with their ecommerce product. 24/7 customer support helps users contact the customer support team any time. It also helps you sell your product worldwide with many financial features.

Mercatus allows you to easily penetrate into the market and will make your business grow bigger than expected. Mercatus provides 24/7 customer support and users can get in touch with the customer support team any day any time. This online grocery ecommerce platform will help the users to return their products when they are not satisfied with it. This will gain you more credibility and through word-of-mouth you can get more business.

The remarkable features of this online grocery ecommerce platform

  • Customizable firewall settings of this grocery ecommerce platform will allow or block the traffic from certain region.
  • Sell across the globe with multi-currency feature.
  • Bulk product upload in CSV file format
  • Manage your grocery ecommerce software with exclusive mobile app.
  • Easy to use CRM tools will allow you to manage your sales and issue tickets raise by your customers.

Explore Mercatus online grocery shopping solutions

7. Pathover – the ultimate online grocery ecommerce platform

Pathover is a one-stop solution to handle your day-to-day online grocery functions. This grocery marketplace software will let you analyze the customers’ buying behavior through its statistical reporting. The dedicated dashboard will let the user understand the exact performance of the online grocery ecommerce platform. This grocery ecommerce platform will save your time with its efficient checkout process.

Platform Highlights

This is a great solution for online shopping. The software analyzes customer purchases through statistical reports. The payment process is simple and saves time. Trade-in for this e-commerce product is easy.

Pathover allows you to store all your data in the cloud and you can access your data anywhere, anytime. Remote business tracking is simple in this grocery ecommerce software. The smart notification feature of this online grocery ecommerce platform will send instant sms directly to the users. The users will be promptly updated about their orders and they can track their orders too.

The essential features of this grocery ecommerce platform

  • GST compatible billing with tax break-up
  • Manage outstanding bills and keep informing the customers about their outstanding automatically
  • Lower subscription cost comparing to other online grocery platforms
  • Easy import and export of products by the sellers and buyers
  • Exclusive loyalty programs and special discount coupons for buyers

Explore Pathover grocery shopping software

8. Shophero – the most demanded online grocery ecommerce platform

Shophero satisfies the user's demands and gives a full-fledged grocery shopping experience to the buyers. This grocery ecommerce software has an intuitive and graphical user interface that can help you in sales conversion. The multiple payment options is an added advantage for this grocery marketplace platform. Never run out of stock as the online grocery ecommerce platform will keep reminding you about the stock status.You can have an uninterrupted business with this online grocery ecommerce platform.

Platform Highlights

This grocery ecommerce platform has an intuitive user interface to help you generate sales. This also helps you to correct the mistakes you made while planning and guides you in creating a successful grocery ecommerce platform. This software was being built to remind you of the condition of inventory so that it never runs out of stock.

Shophero has an exclusive reporting module that will help you to understand the functioning of your online grocery marketplace platform. It will help you to rectify the error you have done while planning and will guide you to build a supporting grocery ecommerce solution. You can simply track and manage the online orders and make them delivered to the customers on time. Personalize your online grocery ecommerce platform with Shophero and set your grocery business as per your plan and style.

The convincing features of this grocery ecommerce software

  • Manage the large inventory with this efficient grocery ecommerce platform.
  • Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence has been used in this grocery ecommerce software.
  • Record your customer details with the in-built CRM tool.
  • This grocery ecommerce software empowers to add multiple stores and helps you to manage them effectively

Explore Shophero grocery ecommerce solutions

9. Unata – a promising grocery ecommerce platform

Unata is a user-friendly, feature rich online grocery marketplace platform. Allow your users to track their orders easily with this grocery ecommerce software. With the optimized delivery options expect greater conversion and get higher turnover and make good earnings out of this grocery ecommerce software. Create a powerful delivery network with this dedicated grocery ecommerce software.

Platform Highlights

Unata offers the best customer application for both Android and iOS. This software is well off in all the important features such as push notifications, advanced search, secure payments and more. With this grocery marketplace software, you can turn out a strong distribution network to get more subscriptions and earn better revenue.

Unata offers you an exclusive customer app that can be used in android as well as IOS platforms. The app is rich in all essential features like push notifications, advanced searching, secured online payment and many more. The admin can manage the order deliveries of the online grocery ecommerce platform and ensure the products are delivered to the customer undamaged.

The dominant features of this grocery ecommerce software

  • PCI certified secured checkout process that ensures customer safety.
  • A Procedure shipping type is followed that ensures proper delivery management of the online grocery platform.
  • 99% of uptime is guaranteed with this grocery e-commerce platform.
  • Easy product display customization.
  • Expand sales potential with drop shipping features.
  • ROI tracking to manage the expenses and calculate the returns.

10. 4kode – an excellent online grocery marketplace platforme

4Kode contains all essential features that summarize business management, inventory control and customer management. These features will ensure the running of the online grocery platform effectively. This grocery ecommerce software has many in-built automation tools that reduce the working time and unwanted expenses and make the online grocery ecommerce platform successful in its operations.

Platform Highlights

This grocery ecommerce software includes a variety of tools that reduce unnecessary operational time and costs, resulting in successful operations. Key elements such as business management, product management and customer service ensure the smooth execution of online consumer products. This application works well on any browser or device.

4Kode gives its customers a continuous update through its technical team and your supermarket ecommerce software will get period updates that will enhance the performance of the software. This grocery ecommerce platform works well with any browser and on any device. It has a perfect responsive design that makes it more mobile-friendly. This grocery ecommerce platform is well-integrated with all social media channels and other online marketplaces.

The dynamic features of this online grocery ecommerce platform.

  • Easy to set up and manage the grocery ecommerce software. Even non-technical people can install this software.
  • Live tracking feature that allows the buyers and the sellers to track the product easily.
  • Different payment modes facilitate the customers to buy the product without any hesitation.
  • Advanced search options will make the searching process simple.
  • Allow the customers to have contactless delivery with prepaid options.
  • 24/7 free customer support.

11. Quick eSelling - Impressive Grocery eCommerce Platform

Quick eSelling online grocery platform for a rampage grows, It helps you to level up your branded and ecommerce online grocery store that creates an opportunity for customers and grows revenue. Quick eSelling is a grocery ecommerce platform that leverages features and a mobile shopping experience to attract and retain more customers. It supports and cares for the technology frontend and helps you go online instantly without any capital investment, you should focus only on growing your business.

Platform Highlights

This online grocery ecommerce platform helps you generate revenue by developing your brand and online business by providing opportunities to your customers. It is fully customizable and safe to pay for. Establish a simple and economical ecommerce platform to grow your online business

The Core Features of this online grocery store website builder

  • Fully customizable and responsive themes, only you need to make compromises with your brand identity at the time to launch your online store.
  • Completed secure and robust ecommerce websites with the secure platform offers everything
  • Easy and Cost-efficient Setup to launch your online business
  • It is an inherent feature of iOS or Android to enhance the user experience.

12. IT Retail - Integrates grocery ecommerce solutions

We integrated Ecommerce Solutions in the grocery industry. The POS solution gives business owners the best tools to handle and better understanding their stores

A User friendly and reliable grocery ecommerce platform that integrates everyday processes into your sales chain. The most reliable and flexible management team that is amazing to grow your business. A simple management system for managing orders efficiently. The mobile app provides customers with a great shopping experience.

Platform Highlights

Our Gorcery ecommmerce platform is easy to use and dependable and integrates with your existing systems throughout the sales chain. Our online grocery store software e-commerce integration to fill out a spreadsheet with features and support to help grocers navigate the various grocery ecommerce platform.

The Excellent Features of this grocery ecommerce website

  • The amazing admin dashboard for the online grocery ecommerce platforms more reliable and scalable for improves the business.
  • Excellent applications for admin, delivery agents, and buyers will delight both the grocers and buyers.
  • Flexible order management system to you manage your orders effectively.
  • The mobile app provides customers an excellent shopping experience

13. Grocerkey - A Comprehensive Grocery ecommerce platform solution

Gorcerkey is a grocery ecommerce website with a digital platform with fulfillment technology, it allows an intuitive and steady customer experience across multiple channels and operational performance.

Platform Highlights

Grocerkey is an innovative app that gives you everything you need to successfully upgrade your ecommerce product from the store to the front door.

Grocery software is a custom-built fulfillment app that provides everything needed to successfully enhance eCommerce grocery orders from the store to the doorstep. It provides you with additional revenue, along with brand engagement for your new customers.

The unique features of this grocery ecommerce software

  • Dedicated mobile applications allow for a mobile presence.
  • Excellent Retail Management System helps you to easily manage your orders.
  • This ecommerce platform is an integrated payment gateway.
  • The admin can send messages to store owners, operators, and customers.

14. etailgrocer - Complete and Integrated Grocery eCommerce Platform

etailgrocer is an ecommerce grocery platform to build your online grocery store. The grocery ecommerce platform provides all you need to hire your customers and showcase them a great online grocery experience. Our grocery eCommerce platforms, simple quick search features in multiple languages and the phrases will automatic on their own based on the given search phrase.

Platform Highlights

This grocery eCommerce platform allows shoppers to search by product or store along with advanced search options. The appropriate payment function of this online grocery store software allows the buyer to organize their purchases. Online shopping sites help to develop the sales by Check out ads related to merchant gifts by introducing your web store to your friends.

Our grocery store software supports your product-based and discount with promotions that help shoppers purchase more of your online grocery store software. Our online grocery ecommerce platform helps you to increase in sales in-terms of rewarding the shoppers by referring their friends to your online store.

The Prominent Features of this grocery ecommerce website

  • The advanced search option will allow the buyer to search by product and also by store.
  • The proper payment function of this online grocery store software provides the buyer to plan accordingly their delivery on time and at the available payment options.
  • A well-integrated app for this online grocery ecommerce platform.
  • This online grocery platform is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms

15. Freshop - Online Grocery eCommerce Software

Freshop online grocery store software is loaded with excellent features and a customizable grocery ecommerce website like bigbasket, for your customers and beneficial to your online store as well. Based on your user experience delivers your online store to get more customers by selling grocery products online hassle-free.

Platform Highlights

Selling your grocery products online becomes trouble-free with freshop. A well-organized administrator dashboard improves the reliability of your business. The online conversion process is well-suited to the business requirements.

Our grocery store software for online retail stores with advanced features & user interface to increase sales of local grocery stores! grocery ecommerce platform, with the best grocery storefront, departmental stores can list their product with this featured online grocery platform and get orders from the customers to increase their revenue and more profit.

The expressive features of this online grocery software

  • A well-structured admin dashboard makes it more reliable for your business performance
  • A complete customize online grocery platform based on your business requirements
  • A well-integrated and secured payment gateway for your online grocery ecommerce store that facilitates the customers to purchase the products
  • Flexible order management to manage orders accurately.


There is a saying “make hay while the sun shines” and it suits all entrepreneurs who want to make good returns. This is the right period to start your online grocery ecommerce platform and build a greater network that can earn you unexpected turnover and will also make your dream come true.

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