Slash Web3 Payments “QR code payment function” released | How to use no-code crypto payments at physical stores.

Hey! 👋

Today, we released the “QR code payment function” of Slash Web3 Payments! 🎉🎉🎉

We would like to say thank you for everyone who has been involved in the research/development of Slash Web3 Payments at physical stores.🙇‍♂️️

・QR code Crypto payment can be issued/downloaded with no code.

・When the QR code is scan, the user decides the payment amount.

・You can pay various tokens (1400types+)from the Slash Web3 Payments payment.

The “QR code payment function” utilizes the above features to provide more convenient crypto asset payments in the retail and donation markets.

You can introduce cryptocurrency payment in a PayPay-like format at physical stores, and after connecting your wallet, you can issue a QR code in 3 steps.

This time, we will explain how to introduce the “QR code payment function” of Slash Web3 Payments!

Please take a look at the official Slash Web3 Payments PV🤗

The new “Oaiso” / Slash (Slash Web3 Payment)


Slash Web3 Payments official website 👇👇👇


Slash Web3 Payments “QR code payment function” introduction method (merchant)

① Connect the wallet from “Enter App” and go to the dashboard

② After creating a contract in “Setting”, click “QR Payment Setting”

Issue “Payment URL” from “Create”.

As of October 5, 2022, the following blockchains are supported, and it is possible to receive sales in stablecoins of each chain.


BNB Chain(BNB)


Avalanche C-Chain(AVAX)

③ “Payment URL” is issued. You can download the QR code from “Show QR Code”.

This QR code was issued by my wallet, and you can experience “Slash Web3 Payments” by scanning it.

*Because you can actually make a payment, please check the usage method introduced below and experience the selection of each token!

From here, we will introduce the procedure for the user to scan the QR code and make the payment ✌️

How to use Slash Web3 Payments “QR code payment function” (user)

①When you scan the QR code, the payment screen of Slash Web3 Payments will be displayed.

Enter a fiat currency amount to see the best rates for each stablecoin.

【Smartphone Ver】

【PC Ver】

② After connecting Metamask, select a token.

【Smartphone Ver】

【PC Ver】

③ Start payment from “Go Payment”.

The optimal rate will be calculated for the selected token.

The payment will be completed after waiting time according to the network congestion situation ✌️

【Smartphone Ver】

【PC Ver】


We developed the “QR code payment function” in the hope that we could provide more people with the opportunity to use Slash Web3 Payments through store payments.🤗

Thank you very much to all the developers and team members, the investors who support us, and each our collaborating company!

Regarding API integration to EC sites and Dapps, we are collaborating with each business, the number of introductions is increasing, and we are strengthening our support system!

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering introducing Slash Web3 Payments✌️




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