Simple Golang DNS Server

Write A Simple DNS Server With Golang

The following DNS knows how to answer A queries and it only knows IP address of domain. First we need to get the package:

go get github.com/miekg/dns

Then we have this code:

package main

import (


var records = map[string]string{
	"nguyenxuanquang.service": "",

func parseQuery(m *dns.Msg) {
	for _, q := range m.Question {
		switch q.Qtype {
		case dns.TypeA:
			log.Printf("Query for %s\n", q.Name)
			ip := records[q.Name]
			if ip != "" {
				rr, err := dns.NewRR(fmt.Sprintf("%s A %s", q.Name, ip))
				if err == nil {
					m.Answer = append(m.Answer, rr)
func handleDnsRequest(w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg) {
	m := new(dns.Msg)
	m.Compress = false
	switch r.Opcode {
	case dns.OpcodeQuery:


func main() {
	dns.HandleFunc("service.", handleDnsRequest)

	//start server
	port := 8080
	server := &dns.Server{
		Addr: ":" + strconv.Itoa(port), Net: "udp",
	log.Printf("Starting at %d\n", port)
	err := server.ListenAndServe()
	defer server.Shutdown()
	if err != nil {
		log.Fatalf("Failed to start server: %s\n", err.Error())

Use dig(linux) to query the server. If you are the windows user, use this https://help.dyn.com/how-to-use-binds-dig-tool/ Now the result: image.png So easy right? Hope you guys feel this topic useful. Thank you for read my topic, have a nice day ❤️. Ref: Simple Golang Server: https://gist.github.com/walm/0d67b4fb2d5daf3edd4fad3e13b162cb

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