Principles of debating

In communication sometimes inevitable debates, often due to people's ego is too big and the consequences of this debate is a waste of time, even dented sentiment. However, the debate also brings certain benefits, such as enhanced promotion or the development of your individual emotional. The best way to avoid a debate is not to let it happen. However, this is very difficult, and if you are constantly dodging the debate, people may think you are weak in ability, and do not dare to believe in your own values and no opinion private. So, choose and participate in the debate that you believe is really useful. Let's maximize your capacity so that the debate will not fall into a war drama no results.


Respect the opinions of others

Everyone has different beliefs, and you should never disregard the faith of those who disagree with you. Never rush to conclude they are wrong, even if in fact that is so matter. You need to remember that you are not the gatekeepers for the slogan " All what I know is right." You can also be the improper remarks funnily "

Put yourself in the other person

How would you feel if others throwing allegations insisting he was right in his face? You should calmly express your inconsistency gently, and insist that your opinion comes from another angle with them

Admit mistakes

Since you recognize mistakes, do not hesitate a minute that just admitted his mistake immediately. You will instantly see the effect of frank, dare to accept his mistake. Others respect you not only superior but also respect your opinion more than in all of the debates following times. Moreover, the debater will think about later, if he is wrong, you will be very easy to accept that and ignore him. People usually associate with comparisons like that, and everyone loves the generous hero.

Be sympathetic to the desire of the others

Always remember that while you want something from the debater, the debater also has the same desire you. Everyone has their own expectations. They go to their office for salaries, they came to the club gym to become more attractive, who also plans to carry out his wishes. Realizing this, you can take it to the debate. Please go to the point of arguing that there are likely to be beneficial for both, bringing the situation to win - win for both not certain to have winners and losers. Try to prove that if you do it your way, both will be mutually beneficial.

Establish a solid baseline

Strengthen your arguments, put in the numbers and events to increase the persuasiveness. Giving specific examples and practice to illustrate your typical agency. If your argument itself is reasonable and proper, then make sure that everyone who wants opposed. Try to use the illustrations because they are often seen as something that no one can refute.


Be aware to stop in time

This is the last point that you need to pay attention. When we feel to achieve the purpose or whenever the debate begins irrelevant and too far dented other relationships, be wise to actively terminate this debate. But how to stop at the right time is what wise people need to learn and master.

Here are 6 important tips to help you win in the debate. Let's turn the debate into interesting discussions with a constructive spirit, to help the parties understand each other better and working together for common goals.

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