My Overall Experience With Uber Clone Script

If you have a comprehensive look in the transportation service one could discern multitude of changes with progressive improvisation. Not to mention, the technical evolutions hold the masterpiece behind the scenes. It actually stuck me in wonder, how does this spontaneity of enhancement is possible within a short period of time in the transportation field ?

When you dig further, globally one could feel the vibes of Uber. Actually this growth of Uber prompted me to develop an app like Uber or a Uber clone script

But only the idea will not let me, to enter in the play store or app store and submit an uber like super head app. Correspondingly at first I thought it was such an easy thing, but later understood there was so much of bits and pieces to concentrate for the premium quality script and I have been at the point to attract both the riders and drivers from the technical side.

Even a base MVP product has to perform the basic features from requesting the trip to the payment process. Also this entire ecosystem demands real time interactions between the app and the server. As a dev i have to concentrate on this for the reliable experience.

Moreover, when it comes to on demand service app, the most required features like real time tracking, instant notification will be popped up in our head. Of Course yes ! Just to meet all the essentials the dev used to customise the script and deploy socket programming and Google Map API integration.

But it not ends here, to be explicit I will jot down some circs.

**Some Most Common Features To Be concentrated In Uber Clone Script **

Initially to book a cab, phone number is collected mandatorily. So here security regarding the data has to be taken care of and to save multiple numbers at time a glitch free database is required.

Once after requesting a ride the ETA and the amount to be paid has to be shown to the riders, so Google Map API has to get concentrated.

The notification regarding the request of the ride and other details has to be sent as the push notification. Actually this can be done using the custom coding or else can make use of third party provider like Google firebase, or Amazon MVP’s. Also sending Push notification with the SSL connection is bit hectic.

Therewithal, for payment gateway it should auto detect the payments, invoicing and supports refund. So by custom coding incorporated the paypal and stripe payment for seamless experience

So after checking into the features overview, there comes a point to choose the language of script development.

  • Mobile Apps - Objective-C, Java, Swift
  • App databases: MongoDB and MySQL
  • Backend services for the apps: Node.js and PHP

Actually many prefers to choose Uber clone script because of its affordable cost, So the fact is when I initially try to draft the script I can't entirely complete the script and check out its performance. So with the minimum feature based product inspected that am i forwarding in the right direction and checked out the status.

Finally with the clear overview I just developed a complete MVP Product with immense pleasure and succeeded. Right now multiple entrepreneurs had made use of my MVP Product for their startup.

If you need to know about my product and the features check out the Uber clone script from the Goferzone.

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