Journey to become Full Stack QA

Before talking about our story, let's find out what is Full-Stack Tester. As we know, fullstack developer is a developer can capture, set up each layer, each part of the program and the technologies used in that program from the back-end to the front-end. Similarly, the Full-Stack tester is a person who understands the qualities required in the product as well as the various test methods (Performance test, Usability test, Automation test, Security test) for each type of program to test their program. The Full-Stack tester is a person with diverse knowledge, skills and expertise in testing.

Why do we need a full-stack tester? Most companies now follow the Agile development model. Products are made in a short time and fast means that the time required for testing is also short and fast to ensure product progress. Testing is not simply a must-do and pre-launch process, but a process that needs to be completed at every Sprint. Therefore, the tester must know how to test and ensure the quality of the product. To do that, Tester must constantly study and research new technologies..............

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