How to make an impressive CV on your own

You're about to graduate and do not know how to make a perfect CV?

You've submitted your CV and got job interview in many places, but all failed.

At this point you should review how impressive enough your CV is ? As some employers post a job, there will be a lot of records sent to. Thus, the experience of creating an impressive CV which I share below will hopefully help you reach the hiring manager's radar.

1. Make your CV more professional:

Your CV presentation was really easy to see and balance? Its font was easy to look? The layout was clear enough for employers to skim your CV?

Some key notes when presenting CV:

  • Use common fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma with font size from 12-13, the title can be larger.
  • Information should be listed as a bullet for employers to easily grasp the gist of your CV. The long segment will make them depressed when dozens drowned in the dossier.
  • Line spacing should be moderate and reasonable in accordance with the principles of Gestalt, which means the same information is placed close together. For example, you should leave more space between communication and information on the qualifications / education platform, and information about the university and other courses will have a smaller space.
  • Save your CV as a PDF file so that your CV could look more professional.

2. Title:

The title of the CV should be your full name, you do not need to write any more letters Curriculum Vitae or Resume. The title should be written in capital, bold, center and to font size 16.

3. Personal Information: ** You ought not to let too much personal information unnecessarily. On the other hand, the information as email, phone number, date of birth, and address is indispensable.

4. Position applied:

Do not forget to specify the position you want to apply. A company can recruit a lot of positions. So you need to let them know which position you would like to apply.

5. Highlighting achievements

In addition to listing the locations, tasks, work undertaken, have you mentioned the achievements in work yet? Let's put those figures, rankings, awards that you or your team have obtained. These figures are more convincing than any empty words.

For instance: Obviously achievements section will convince employers than the listed job you have undertaken.

"3. 6/2012: Member of Project LEAD - sponsored by the US Embassy Mission: Organizing the event of vocational and leadership skills to students, including work Writing PR, PR via email, forum, invited speakers, recruiting participants, logistical preparation.

--> Achievements: Received nearly 1000 CV sent to, just 2 weeks via facebook and email PR The program has the participation of 80 outstanding students and speakers "

6. Timeline

In your CV, you should agree on a time sequence listed in all items, from education, awards, work experience and to social activities from the most current to reach farther.

7. Length

Short or long CV is not the important thing that is important is that it has enough information to convince your employer to the next round or not. However, with new friends from school, CV should not exceed 3 pages.

8. CV customization

For each position, please revise your CV by emphasizing the experience, skills which are best suited to the location. Other activities mentioned should just be shorted out. Those who do not have much experience, do not forget to list the social activities you have participated.

**NOTE: **

  • Do not lie or exaggerate - let's be honest with your capacity.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns like "I", "you", "your" ...

CV is the letter of "Offering". Imagine you were a salesman, your products are: skills, abilities, education, experience ... in a certain profession. Your customers are demanding employers, and the market "fertile". The most potential market is the fiercest competition. I strongly hope that, through 9 methods to write an impressive CV for a job above can help you solve some most basic problem and to prepare yourself one impressive CV on your own.

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