How to make a persuasive complaint in the workplace

At work, normally an individual will complete assigned work, and sometimes they suffer from mistakes, omissions. To provide the best employment performance, the boss should have applauded and reasonable reproach when necessary. Avoid hard feelings, the boss needs to know the secrets to convince critics staff, just help employees progress, nor do employees feel "vexatious".


**Understanding employee’s personality **

The boss wants to manage his staff must know his staff well. In addition to the boss to know the advantages and disadvantages of making itself respected subordinates the understanding personality traits staff is remarkable. With employee groups different personalities will have the processing solution various problems, if not counterproductive, not the staff did not recognize his error, but also the mood "frustrations" making work become "worse" than. The ability to "read your" boss subordinates will make the behavior with deft, subtle. For example, for the group of personalities "conservative" like encouragement, your boss should comment through dialogue closed, gently between two people; for the group of personalities "eager, aggressive, agitated," love to be instructed, guided, the boss may be more open to suggestions.

Principle "bread hamburger"

"Praise is easy, but it’s difficult to blame", merit would be a recognition of the achievements and belittle the mental stimulation aims to achieve better results, therefore, one of the tips "criticism "most employees are persuaded to apply the principle of" bread hamburger, "that the dialogue should continue in accordance with the" merit - criticism - criticism - reassuring - to encourage and counsel. " Let's start with the compliments to reception staff somewhat easier criticism, such as "I appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm in my work," then led into the act detailed expression of employee mistakes "I was cautious, but the information statement yesterday my client has flaws," then give concrete evidence "Complete information A complete customer confusion with customers B ", and make mistakes resulting from" A customer information is not in the statement, and that is loyalty to our company ", taken a solution to reassure staff "I want you to adjust the statements immediately after the conversation ended and return to his new" and finally not forget to make timely encouragement "the declaration information customers need meticulous, careful and you can check it again before sending him checks ". Should use an honest compliment, politely at the beginning and end of the "blame" his employees.

“Popular Error”

Exposure to these issues in their work, from the employees 'new' to the employees "old" are prone to the shortcomings, mistakes. Although employees with these simple errors or seriously no matter what level, the boss absolutely should not have words or acts aggressive, insulting to our employees. It should be said that it is a common mistake that anybody ever made such as "New to do, I get this error is of course", "Anybody can wear two these errors," ... but the important thing should focus solution rather than what has happened and make your boss's wishes do not want the same thing happen again. Skillful behavior that reception staff easily and quickly overcome the consequences.

Consider direct criticism

Everyone has self-esteem of myself, no one wants to make mistakes and be scolded. For those mistakes related to each person's task to undertake specific, the boss should have subtle suggestions, discreet, just to show respect for the staff, as well as how to respect employees and respect your boss and feeling are treated fairly. Avoid the staff felt "humiliated", "hurt" because the boss's wrath. In any case, the deviation of the general regulations of the company as clothes, hygiene, hours ..., can be prompted by the words gentle, witty jokes, make a stick, body confidentiality between staff and employer after hours of strenuous work, such as "season Euro to, eyebrow whiskers of our corporate days and plowing plowing moderate but still night hours must ensure jog."

Use "gentle" words

The trick to convince critics employee is determined by using the word "easy listening" but "deposited" combined in the right way to lead away the focus and how to solve problems, solutions to which the employee must face to face. Avoid words that "disparaging", "insult" to the individual, particularly in crowds, in front of other employees. At the same time, the boss should take advantage of these adjectives are indicative of the gentle, expressive encouragement, love and use pronouns express intimate relationship, used by the nickname of the team, team name for another, with the goal of simplifying the problem is encountered. However, it should not be "abused" a "mode" as "merit" would backfire by making employees do not have a serious attitude towards work under their charge. Especially for those who have the personality groups dislike "toady", "adulation", takes the criticism hit central issue.


Best keep composure

Before the pressure of the job, the boss's composure will play an important role which dominates conversation results, the status of "tightening the strings" just a small impact is going off the strings. Despite how angry, the boss must remain calm before any circumstance occurred, absolutely should not "just red-handed in person" at the time, should have a short time to the boss and employees think about the issue, a brief message before the talk is essential. How to make employee boss overlooking his faults and serious consequences that brings faults are shown in a "professional" would increase the prestige of that boss with employees, it also shows the capacity leadership and resolve work boss can handle any risks. Calm demeanor is that any employer should also study and practice, to spread his virtues to employees and become the "culture" of the company. The trick to convince critics staff will help to overcome the shortcomings in the work, depending on the degree of mild or severe, but the essence is still the peace between bosses and employees or between employees and employees together and contribute to increased work efficiency.

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