How to create a Food Delivery app like UberEats, Deliveroo & GrubHub

As there is a rapid growth in technology, you could sense a progressive growth in the on-demand app model. The Food Delivery industry is one such domain which utilizes the most of on-demand app. You would have come across many such Food Delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, deliver, GrubHub, etc.

Since it provides both comfort and quality food within no time, it has attracted many customers and it has become an instant hit to order from the app.

The rate at which the on-demand food delivery app model is seeing its growth is surprisingly unbelievable and there is no doubt, that in future the online food delivery industry will surpass the offline model.

Let me quote you a few statistics to provide you more insights before you start knowing the process of creating a Food delivery app like Ubereats, Deliveroo & GrubHub.

  • Restaurants (both big and small) has seen a growth of its basket size by an average of 25%.
  • 67% of customers visit a restaurant online than offline.
  • It's expected that the online food delivery model will increase the revenue from $20 billion dollars in 2017 to $55 billion in 2022.
  • It is predicted that at the end of 2019, the food payments made online via apps will reach $210.45 billion.

Best way to start a Food delivery app

The most alluring way is to create a food delivery app targeting a niche instead of thinking to initiate globally.

How can it be done?

It's simple.

  • Create an MVP for a niche you have created for your food delivery app. It will help you find the Product- Market fit and know what the target audience in the niche you have chosen would love the most.
  • Find the market opportunity and the pain point of the customers and develop a mobile app/ web-app to grab your customers.

Types of Food Delivery Startup models

At present, two food delivery business models are ruling the market.

  • The Aggregator Model: Here, you can easily launch a food delivery app where your customers and the restaurants meet. This model lends its support for the customers to order food and the restaurants to view it and complete the order without depending on any of the delivery support from the app's parents company. In a nutshell, it’s a traditional way of food delivery.

  • Platform with Logistic support: In this model, you give the restaurant's support to deliver the order to its customers. Except for food preparation, you are going to handle the complete service.

Through the food delivery app, you provide the users the facility to order the food from the menu, track the order, and complete the transaction. The restaurants get the benefit of tracking the delivery partner, handing over the food prepared.

Now that you have a clear idea of what is a food delivery app and the types of food delivery app models. Let us now know about the essential features of a food delivery app>

Essential features to build a food delivery app like Uber eats

You may be wondering what are the must-have features to build a giant food delivery app like Uber eats, Swiggy, GrubHub, etc. There is a number of features which seems to be alike, but to stand out in a crowd and to make the order from your app more comforting, it is indispensable to include extra features apart from the must-have features mentioned here.

Include more data: The more data your food delivery app holds the more your customers are on your side. Make sure you give more options like more cuisines, restaurants, nutritional content, ingredients, estimated delivery time, address of the restaurant, etc.

Online Payment Integration: It's not possible for all the customers to have the cash ready in hands. They feel comfortable ordering from your food delivery app when you offer a variety of online payment methods. All the leading players in the market uses this strategy to attract and pull more customers to their app. The most common payment options are Visa checkout, PayPal, Stripe, Square.

Delivery Time: In this just a click world, most of the users expect quick deliveries. Hence, including an option called 'estimated delivery time' will make more sense to make your customers know when their food will hit their doorstep without a hitch.

Order Tracking: Through GPS, every on-demand service apps make use of the option called as order tracking which makes them super hit in the market. The GPS first identifies the user location and after the identification, the delivery person can navigate to the customers place using GPS and the customer can also view the location of the delivery person at any instance with the food delivery app. Some great APIs for integrating order tracking may include MapKit, Google Maps or Waze's navigation.

Uber uses Google Maps for order tracking functionality

Reviews and Ratings:

To monitor the service rendered by the food delivery personals, nowadays, all the food delivery app integrates a feature called reviews and ratings.

Food deliver apps like Postmates, DoorDash, UberEats provide its customers with this feature to help the other users to get to know about the restaurant more before they order the food.


Features Description
Registration To make your customers engaged in your food delivery app, the first step is to make them register into the app. Provide your user the option to create a user name and password and make them include at least one card for the online transaction. You may also offer them to include a profile picture of them, food preferences, most frequently visited restaurants, etc.
Search for a restaurant On successful registration or login, the users would love to choose their favorite restaurant, locate their preferred cuisine, and they may even look for the vicinity of the restaurant. Extra information such as offers, deals, discounts, and reviews will return more customers for your food delivery app.
Placing an order Here, the user should be offered with the freedom to add more items, remove or edit the items in their respective cart. Before, they make the payment, provide a summary of the items they have ordered ad the price details so that they may cancel an order or edit according to their necessity.
Payment The most crucial thing you need to consider while your customer pays for their order is security with speed. As you extend number of payment options, you are most likely to acquire more customers to your side.
Tracking the order While your customer is waiting for their favorite food, it will be very alluring when you offer them the tracking details of their order. As said, integrate the accurate APIs to locate the customer which makes both the delivery personnel and the customer happy.
Rating and Reviews Now, your customer has received their food and relishing their hunger pangs. What's next? Let the others know about the restaurant from where they have ordered the food through reviews and rating section.

Incorporate these Additional features to turn more consumers to your side:

The features which I have listed above are mandatory ones to deliver the best food delivery app. To make the app more appealing and comforting for the customers, you could also include features like

  • Wishlist
  • Integrate Social Media Plugins
  • Purchase and Order history
  • Estimated delivery time


Features Description
Registration Registration of the delivery personnel is the initial step for them to work for the food delivery app. They can select their way of registration like Gmail, facebook, etc. In addition to this comfort, you may also include the 'forgot password' option for both the users and the delivery personnel for password recovery.
Order Management This feature enables the delivery personnel to either accept or reject the request given by the user. Once registered, they have all the access to their account, the orders, the location to which they need to ship, etc.
Status Updates The delivery personnel can update their status whether they have approved/ Rejected, Picked the food, Delivered the food. Once the order is complete, the payment is disbursed to the delivery person's account thus completing the order

Incorporate these Additional features to comfort your delivery personnel

It's your responsibility to make your delivery partner work hassle-free. To make them work with all the data necessary to reach your customer, make sure you include these features in your food delivery app.

  • In-app navigation
  • Finding the shortest route to reach the customer
  • Booking history
  • SOS service


Features Description
Admin Panel The admin panel controls the whole process from the placement of the order by the customer, managing the restaurant information, requests from the food delivery personnel, etc.
Registrationt This serves similar to the customer and delivery personnel registration category where the admin needs to register into the food delivery app like UberEats to control all the functionalities.
Content Management Any food delivery app like GrubHub needs relevant content to attract customers. The restaurant managers should be able to Update the name of the restaurant, contact information, address, open hours, etc, add photos, Update menus by adding or removing dishes, edit prices, descriptions, delivery charges, etc.
Order Management The admin can be able to view the entire orders, send the notification status to the customers regarding the order acceptance and to the delivery personnel when the food is ready to be picked up.
Receiving Payments This feature enables the restaurants to receive the payment once the food delivery is confirmed by the consumer

List of additional features to make the admin panel more appealing

  • Provide the facility to accept the order only when the delivery person has approved to deliver the food to the customer.
  • The invoice can be generated from the portal and can be sent as a message and email to the client for their easier view.

Address these challenges while building a Food Delivery app like UberEats

Be smart enough to be a part of the tough competition in the market. For that, you need to think smart and address these challenges when you build your food delivery app.

  • Target the right audience
  • Identify the accurate need for starting the food delivery start-up
  • Design the UX/UI of the food delivery app to be more user-friendly
  • Search and find the food delivery and the restaurant service partners
  • **Find the food delivery app development experts in the market.

If you are searching one food delivery app development expert, Zielcart is a readymade solution which can design your food delivery app the way you want your customers to feel comfortable and relish the food. Want to know what's next? Get in touch with our food delivery app development experts to know more about the cost and development process.

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