How to Build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website Like Amazon & Flipkart?

Due to the enormous usage of the internet all over the world, the ecommerce industry has seen a drastic growth globally. In the USA, the expected ecommerce sales in 2019 are $548 Million. Isn't it quite interesting?

Let me confess to you another specialty here. Out of many multi-vendor marketplaces, Amazon and Flipkart have captured 60% of the USA's ecommerce market. So, do not worry about the downfall of the multi-vendor marketplace. It may never happen.

Obviously, not now!

If you dream to build and run a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart, this article will show the way to your dream destination.

Know about Multi-vendor Marketplace:

A multi-vendor marketplace is where diverse sellers sell their own products by creating their profile in the market place. The sellers may manage their own warehouse, logistics, products, etc. Instead, the owner of the place can also have a warehouse inventory to stock some of their products to be directly shipped to the customer. It purely depends on their choice. For each product sold in the marketplace, the owner receives certain percentile of the amount as a commission.

Multi-vendor Marketplace Business Models:

To create a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon and Flipkart, you need to have a clear cut idea about the types of multi-vendor business model.

B2C Multi-vendor Business:

B2C is Business to Consumer which refers to the transactions which happen between the company and the consumers who purchase the product. The top examples are Amazon, Flipkart.

B2B Multi-vendor Business:

B2B is Business to Business which refers to the commerce between two businesses. The best examples are Walmart, Alibaba.

Ways to Build Multi Vendor Marketplace website Like Flipkart & Amazon

Develop from Scratch Readymade Platform
Through custom development gives you the entire control of the store, you need to spend more money on building one and you should have the conceptual knowledge on how it works and what should be the final outcome. This is a pre-built software and it can be directly deployed and launched at affordable cost. It comes in the form of readymade scripts which can be customized and installed to run effortlessly

Build a Marketplace website like Flipkart & Amazon with Zielcommerce

Built using the world’s leading platform, Zielcommerce is driven to enhance the visual aspect of your store that can entice your customers and amplify your revenue growth in quick time.

With Zielcommerce, you can build a multi-vendor marketplace store and sell any kind of products and services at the minimal time span. You can trade groceries, clothing, books, home appliances, digital merchandise and more.

It provides both the buyer and seller a single marketplace platform to buy and sell products based on bidding.

Some of the Highlights Zielcommerce can offer to build your Marketplace:

  • White-labeled: completely customizable, get a mobile app in-sync with the website

  • Payment and Support: multiple payment gateways with 24*7 customer service option

  • Store Management: take control of the store to manage and track each product, bidding and more

  • Merchant Panel: allows vendors to list their products and update their catalog, add discounts and update bids

  • Auction and Product Panel: list products with bidding price and buyer can bid from items offered

Major features for of Zielcommerce Multi-vendor Marketplace:

Developing a multi-vendor market place is a complex process and it requires a host of features to smoothly run it. After creating the marketplace, you need to test in a real environment for any bugs.

Features for Admin:

Feature Description
Add Multiple sellers Easy addition of any number of sellers into the multi-vendor market place.
Set up Commission rates The Admin can fix the commission for different products and vendors depending on the price, quality and, demand.
Accept/Reject products Admin has the privilege to accept a product or reject it which is uploaded by a seller.
Get Notified When a seller is added in the market place, the admin gets a notification regarding the same.
Manage Transactions Manages the transactions os the seller and generates an invoice to them.
Tax calculation Using the robust tax engine, you can calculate the hierarchical tax.
Product Management Maintain a check on the products sold by the sellers.

Features for Vendors:

Feature Description
Dashboard Robust dashboard to know about their sale, profit percentile, reviews, etc.
Simple Registration Registration of new vendor in the multi-vendor market place is very easy.
Order management Manage the previous orders to be processed, the current set of orders, profit percentile of the orders sold.
Product management Vendors can obtain information such as out of stock products, products that are fast moving, etc.
Shipping management Generating invoice, accurate and on-time delivery of the product to the customers can be managed by the vendors efficiently.

Features for Customers:

We know about the importance of the customers in a business. To make a multi-vendor market place like Amazon, the customers should be given the utmost care. Here is the list of features for the customers.

Order Tracking It assists to make your customer know about the status of shipping of their product. They can know when the order is approved, processed, dispatched, shipped and out for delivery.
Easy Navigation It facilitates the customers to navigate from one point to another point inside the multi-vendor market place. This shopping experience, on the whole, makes more pleasurable to the buyer.
Easy Checkout Keep the check out page very simple and precise. It will increase more sale and ROI with proportional traffic influx.
Multilingual/Multi-currency support These features will help the customers of any locale to shop effortlessly in their local language and pay for the product purchased with their preferred currency.
Multiple payment options Give your buyers the freedom to choose the payment method they prefer. Through this, they would love to shop with you more and will eventually land up in check out page.

If you’re looking to explore the different arenas of online selling, Zielcommerce can certainly get you the features and functionalities to fuel your eCommerce business.

Summing up:

In a nutshell, developing a multi-vendor ecommerce website like Amazon & Flipkart from the scratch is a cumbersome and resource intensive task. While making the same ecommerce website from the readymade solution can make it launch in no time and resource. Make a wise decision and build your multivendor website and make a huge profit. We Zielcommercec have grown by leaps and bounds in the years and have a circle of customers because of our fierce dedicated team and 100% customized products with product delivery in no time.

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