How much does it cost to launch a Successful Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Starting a multi-vendor marketplace is a dream for many entrepreneurs. As they know the importance of online marketing they cannot ignore in promoting their business online. The cost of launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace platform mainly depends on the features and the type we are going to develop. If you are a start-up company and you expect your eCommerce to have the basic features that are essential for your online store the cost will be minimum.

If you dream to have a multi vendor eCommerce marketplace equivalent to that of the leading eCommerce portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Wall Mart, etc then the cost will be totally different. So according to your requirement the cost varies.

Multi vendor Marketplace Platforms – The Current Rage

People show more interest in multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace platforms as the whole world has gone digital. There is always a greater responsibility for all online products. It has been stated in recent surveys that more than 65% of buyers buy their products online through any of the leading online stores. This fact has increased the passion to own a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace by all entrepreneurs. There are also many more benefits the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace has.

  • Scalability – Since the platforms are all cloud-based, it is highly scalable and you can customize it according to your business expansion and requirement.

  • Reduces the cost –This is compared to the physical shop, the maintenance cost of inventory management is highly reduced.

  • Global access – one can have global customers since the multi-vendor marketplace is online and anyone from the world can access your site and can order your products.

The Technical Essentials For High Performing Marketplace Platforms

Starting a multi-vendor marketplace is equivalent to an adventure. The real success relies on the right components we use. Let us check out the technical essentials for a high performing multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace.

  • Easy navigation – the fundamental element that every user needs to experience is easy navigation. Make sure that your marketplace platform has as smooth navigation.

  • Search box & filters – you need to ensure that the customer reaches his required product page easily through proper search, filter and effective listing.

  • Chat support – this is the most important feature for any marketplace. You should allow your customer to have a brief chat about his requirements.

  • Integration with payment gateway – all customers expect the freedom to choose their own payment methods. It is essential to have all possible payment gateways to be integrated into your marketplace.

  • Rating & Reviews – customers should be given the opportunity to write what they think about your service and your product. They love to review and rate your brand.

  • Push notification – the real success of your marketplace mainly depends on how far you grab your customer’s attention. Push notifications have this ability.

  • Security – your marketplace platform should have an SSL certificate only then customers will feel secured to market with you.

Zielcommerce Marketplace – An Enterprise Ecommerce Solution Of Subsequent Marketplace Business

Zielcommerce will enlighten your business and you can excel well in the digital market. You will experience a perfect multi vendor ecommerce marketplace platform that is highly scalable and a secured one. You can find all the essential modules that are highly required for a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace. You can experience the unique functions of the software that makes your business run efficiently.

What Makes Zielcommerce Special – A Tech Insight

  • Easily interactive – People are highly active in all social media platforms. You can log in to your social media channel through our Zielcommerce software. This facility will attract your customers and you can get good order conversion.

  • Mobile responsiveness – This factor cannot be ignored while developing a marketplace platform. People get into your website through many forms of devices. It can be through their laptop or through their mobile or tablet. So it is very important that the view should be responsive in all devices.

  • Add to cart – this feature is highly found in all leading e-commerce platforms. You can experience the same feature as zielcommerce. You can add the product to your wishlist and can purchase it later.

  • CMS support – any business will have some updation. Updation can be in products or can be in services. Since Zielcommerce has CMS support you can add unlimited content.

Features That Make Zielcommerce A Bargain

  • One-time payment software – this is the key feature that makes Zielcommerce software as an outstanding one. All you need is to pay once alone to get this software. There is no other payment burden for you in the future. You can own this software with a single payment.

  • Perfect UI & UX design – one cannot deny the fact that Zielcommerce is trustworthy software that can give the user a perfect experience through its UI & UX design

  • Multi-lingual & Multi-currency – Zielcommerce is designed to cover global customers. So if you are planning to have international vendors they can find our application user-friendly as it supports multiple languages and it also has the multi-currency option.

  • Dedicated customer support – once you purchase Zielcommerce application you are landed in the safe hands of our supporting team. Anytime you can easily get in touch with our dedicated customer care team and clarify your doubts.

Advanced Features Blended Into Zielcommerce

  • Marketing tool – Since Zielcommerce software is totally SEO friendly you can utilize it as a marketing tool and can promote your business and branding easily. Your marketplace platform can be placed in the top ranking in leading search engines.

  • Push notification – this feature will help you to gain your customer’s attention and also your seller’s attention. They will receive real-time messages as an alert message and be updated about all your offers and coupons easily. This will also support you to have a proper inventory control as you will be informed about the shortage of stock through an alert notification.

  • Analytical reporting – this feature is highly recommended for all sellers of your marketplace platform. They need to analyze their sales and they need to know the customer behavior. Only then they can plan a proper marketing strategy and gain more responsibility.

Features That Would Influence The Cost Of Building Your Marketplace Platform For Android And IOS

When it comes to mobile app for multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace, that is developed for both android and IOS, we need to initially analyze the important features that will highly influence the cost of online multi-store platform.

  • Technical complexity – we need to analyze the third party integration the app needs to have. We need to be clear about the in-app purchases and also the use of hardware components. Mainly depending on the functionalities that are required the price varies.

  • The number of platforms – this is the key component that influences the cost of the project. One needs to analyze his target audience. If his target audience uses android phones then he can develop for android platforms else for IOS he can develop. On certain cases, he can even develop for both

  • The number of hours – the developing company will calculate the cost according to the number of hours involved to complete the project. If you ask for more functionalities that will increase the working hours and in turn will influence the cost of the project.


The real success of any multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace mainly relies on the time you have spent analyzing the process of development and your proper marketing strategy. Be clear with the purpose for developing the multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace and implement your planning and gain more ROI.

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