Hire Full Stack Developer for Developing Your Web Application

Hire Full Stack developer for your Next Project. Getting to know full stack development. Development usually happens at two levels: Front-end and Back-end. A full stack developer who is adept at working on both front-end as well as back-end.

Skills in Which a Full-Stack Developer will be Expert at:

  1. Understanding end user needs and business demands
  2. Server management, networking and hosting
  3. Designing & Deploying User Interfaces & User experience
  4. Quality assurance techniques
  5. Working knowledge on relational & non-relational databases

In realistic terms, full-stack development is knowing how to work out an idea right from its inception until finished product. It gives several benefits like anticipating issues that crop up during the later stage of development and how to prepare for them early on. But, that is not the end of it. There are still more benefits to full-stack development that makes it a business favorite for any IT project.

Tools & Language Framework that Fuels Full Stack Development:

Before choosing a Full stack development company one should know that Full stack development requires developers to have an extensive list of working knowledge and skills on several languages and tools.

HTML/CSS — Rightly called the building block the web, full-stack developers live and breathe HTML/CSS to create and stylize content on the web.

Javascript  —  JS has evolved to become the most popular language that allows full stack developers to customize front-end and backend features the way they want it without any restraints.

Backend Languages  —  A host of backend languages including, but not restricted to SQL, Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and the sorts.

Databases  —  A full-stack developer must be a pro at working with relational and non relational databases like NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, memcached, ACID, ORM, etc. They must also know how to connect to various databases using chosen back-end languages.

HTTP & REST  —  HTTP, HTTPS & REST are web frameworks that run web applications and portals at the end-user’s side. Knowing how they work and how to configure them is an essential trait for any full stack developer.

Web Application Framework  —  Amazon Web Services, client-side vs server-side web application configuration, performance optimization for web browsers, etc.

Git  —  Git is the virtual hangout area for developers to stay in track of the changes that is being made to a codebase. Full stack developers must know their way around Git to know how to tweak codes and stay in track of the project.

What Makes Full-stack Development so Beneficial?

Full stack development delivers on some impressive benefits like those detailed below:

1. A holistic approach to development

The developer knows how the project will progress at each phase. The complete understanding of the project requirements lead to better planning and usage of resources.

2. Saves time and resources

Full-stack development progresses with the big picture in mind. The developer understands how to project should function at each phase giving them the ability to foresee time and resource demands early on. Due planning and its execution leads to lower wastage of time and resources.

3. Project deliverables can be accelerated

Full-stack development relies on the same team of professionals from beginning until end. They are the same coders, UI designers, architects, etc. giving them a continuity that leads to accelerated project delivery.

4. Assures higher level of Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is usually a phase that happens at the end of the project. It is carried out after the code is finalized and is readied for deployment. However, in full-stack development, quality assurance can be ensured at early stages of the project ensuring bug-free codes that work perfectly.

The Best Full Stack Development Company You Can Partner With

Contus is a Full Stack development service providing company. The company has been the moving force that has helped several global brands leverage the power of the web to their advantage.

What Makes Contus an Excellent Full Stack Development Service Provider?

There are very companies who are capable of providing full stack development as a service to enterprises. Understanding enterprise-grade users and aligning the project development strategy to business needs is an Unique Selling Proposition of Contus. You can hire highly skilled full stack developers from Contus who are well experienced in handling any size of project.

Factors that Makes Contus Special in Full Stack Development:

1.User Understanding

Contus delivers its services with a bird’s eye view of the end goal. The problem that needs to be solved and the customer experience is the focal point of full stack development at Contus. To achieve a personalized way of service delivery, Contus relies of customer empath maps, A/B testing of customer pathways, etc. that helps in narrowing down to the perfect choices that will ultimately delight users.

2. Security and networking

Contus is powered by a 300+ IT professional team that has decades of experience in security and networking practices. From implementing bit-level encryption for video services to setting up firewalls that keep botnets at bay, Contus has a range of security and networking credentials that are hard to see in other full stack service providers.

3. GUI and user experience

GUI and user experience designing has long since remained the forte of UI/UX designers. Full stack changed all that enabling developers to become adept at everything, even frontend and backend development.

4. Quality Assurance

Ironing out inconsistencies in coding and ensuring that the code that is being shipped is totally bug-free is an essential prerequisite of full-stack development. Contus integrates quality assurance tightly into the development process by deploying a DevOps approach. The Devops grounded development process saves costs and ensures timely delivery of projects.

The Bottom Line:

From pilot to project, Contus can help bring your ideas to reality with great ease. Their tech mavericks have evolved as full stack developers who can think long-term and delivery results in short-term with full stack development.

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